windows shuts down after 1 minute

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windows shuts down after 1 minute

  • I have major problems, I think.  When we turn our computer it comes up with a error that says it will shut down in 1 minute.  It says something about being shut down by the NT/Administrator.  It will count down from 1:00 then it will restart and do it all over again.  It keeps doing this over and over.  I figure it is a virus of some sort but it won't let you do anything.  I ran the scan disc upon start up and it came up with nothing.  Someone please help.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
  • Try here:-

    This might also help:-

    On my site (Link Below) try the AV section and one of the online virus checkers, such as housecall.

    If that does not work try the malware route.
    Use these to remove Malware (Spyware and Adware).
    Spybot S&D
    With all of these download them, install (after unzip if required), download the latest signature file, run, delete all that they find.

    Failing those solving your problems a post of a hijackthis log for the experts to advise.
    HijackThis From Here
    Download, run, scan, save log, then in notepad copy the FULL log by copy and paste to a post in one of these specialist spyware removal forums:-
    DO NOT FIX ANYTHING WITH HIJACKTHIS WITHOUT EXPERT ADVICE, most of what it finds you need for normal MS Windows tasks.
    Do read the sites FAQ before posting, and advise your problem and what steps you have already done to try to cure your problem.

    I am in all those sites as ChrisRLG. You might get me, but any of the more problematic ones are handled by the experts. If you get a 'advanced member' like me, we have other ways of asking for advice from the experts, to pass on to you.

    You could post your log here in this thread (if in the Virus Information and Removal Board - if not post in that board not in this thread), and I will have a go at giving advice, but if you go to one of the more specalist forums more experts will be able to help.

  • Thanks, I will try this when I get home.  I appreciate the help.
  • Hi Jmutt

    you got the blaster worm.



  • Navin,

    Why are you duplicating my post, this is not needed, all that duplicating posts shows is that you can't be bothered to read the whole thread.
  • Is there a trick to fixing this before the time runs out.  Also it was giving an error message when I finally got through the first step.  What should I do?  Thanks for the help.
  • Try safe mode for the initial parts of that advice from the knowledge Base article. Details of safe mode from here:-

  • Sorry Chris
    Just saw the try here and didnt check out the link .Wasnt intentional just a bit hasty.
  • Navin, Your welcome, all the best.
  • when the timer starts counting down, double click on the clock in the corner of the system tray and set it back an hour or 2. The timer will then have an hour or two added to it.

    Don't forget to set the clock back once you have fixed the problem!

  • I got it fixed guys thanks for all the help!