Inspiron 5537 problems after updating to windows 8.1

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Inspiron 5537 problems after updating to windows 8.1

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After I updated to windows 8.1 two things happened:

1-The laptop can't exit sleep either restarts or stops working (with the screen off and the power light on)  every time I try to exit sleep mode. i haven't been able to solve this problem.

2- When the screen turn off after leaving the laptop idle for a while it won't turn on....this happened after I installed the latest AMD display driver from the AMD website......I managed to solve the problem by downgrading  to the AMD driver version provided on the dell website.......sadly this driver causes lagging in games on the contrast of the version provided on the AMD website.

Can you help me with two previous issues please?
Thank you

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  • Hello timandtest.

    have you checked for the newest BIOS and chipset drivers (they can be found at your correspondent dell website)?


  • Actually I managed to solve the sleep mode problem by downgrading to the Intel display adapter driver provided on the Dell website, although the one I had was newer.

    The lagging in games problem still persists