Inspiron N5110 core i5 freezes in Windows 8

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Inspiron N5110 core i5 freezes in Windows 8

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I installed Windows 8 RTM Pro in my Dell Inspiron N5110 (bios has been upgraded to A11).

After that I update windows and driver (I only have to install touchpad driver because windows detects all others).

It's great if I don't have: my dell get freezes randomly (sometimes it freezes after serival hours use, or just after 15mins use). Everythings stop, mouse doesn't move, keyboard doesn't work, hdd's led doesn't blink. The only way to continue to use is hold button key to turn it off, and press it again to turn it on.

I tried this command in cmd bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes, but it doesn't work.

This is the only issue I got in the way to Windows 8. I hope someone can help me.


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  • bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes - not work

    these instructions from microsoft does not help, what else can you do?

  • Actually, this is fixed when rtm release, so that command isn't needed.

    This problem causes by dell wireless driver. I had another topic about this, dell's  technicians  are working to fix.

  • hello i have the same problem  for my labtop (dell inspiron n5110 core i 5 ) 

    i want to know how to fix this issue becouse i want to use window 8 

  • hey frnd i was also suffering from same problem i upgraded my n5110 win7 HB to win8 pro but now, i found the solutions there is no problem with any driver the problem is in the upgrade that we download. Just do these and u will get your lappie back to work..... :)

    1. download win 8 pro from torrent, u will get it from (it will be with keys and activator and other stuff )

    2. install it don't worry if doesn't ask for key.

    3. after installation connect to internet and try to activate so the key will get rejected  and you can enter your own key that's it....

    install all win8 driver from dell, they all are working.

  • I have same problem with my Inspiron n5110 core i7 laptop. I noticed that freeze happened when I use internet on my wireless network.

    How i can notified if any update released for this issue?