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Dell DataSafe Local Backup and Recovery Software

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On 9/9th I have purchased and downloaded Dell DataSafe Local Backup and Recovery Software in to my Dell Inspiron 5521R. Before the premium version downloaded, I DW'd the trial version as it was said in MY DELL and, it checked my computer and given the green light to update to the premium version..

Consequently I purchased the premium version online by paying USD 39.90

1. Then I try to install DSL software it went halfway and a message appeared " INSTALATION WAS ABOTED BY THE USERE" which I did not do so. Then the dialog asked whether to uninstall it and I did so. Henceforth, nether software was installed nor backup was possible !

2. Consequently, I completely removed the 2 files and downloaded again it and tried to install. When the same dialog appeared whether to uninstall, I said no and prompted to proceed and the trial version was installed. It prompted me to enter the activation key and the premium version was activated.

Consequently, when I tried to backup my system followings were observed :

Part 1Create recovery media was inactive

Part 2 - Full system Back up was running for 1% for ever with a error dialog saying to try later ! 

Part 3 - Files and folder back up was possible.

This whole oration was entirely unacceptable as the backup was prompted by MY DELL. It diagnosed the machine and prompted to DW the trial version. The trial version diagnosed the machine and prompted the machine was ok for the premium version - that was money !  

When I contacted for technical assistance from Dell Singapore where I bought the Laptop, they inform me I am out of the service area and to contact Dell India. I have my warranty till December 2013 and wonder why the purchased country asking to go back to some other place ?

At least they should have given me technical advise to ascertain what problem I have and, to solve it or refund my money. Neither thing is happened till now.

I am utterly disappointed with entire Dell for misleading customers to by software which some machines not supporting. It could have been prevented by their built in in software diagnoses rather prompting to proceed.

To conclude, I really blame Dell for this blunder and demand a refund for the purchased DataSafe Local Backup and Recovery Software. Upon your review I will submit my activation key to cancel it.

Please revert A.S.A.P



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  • Hello Dell technical experts !

    No one can explain at least, how to make the dell recovery portion in the main hard disk ?