How to Dump Windows 8 and Reinstall Windows 7 on a brand new Dell computer

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How to Dump Windows 8 and Reinstall Windows 7 on a brand new Dell computer

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My old computer "died" despite many attempts to fix it.  I have ordered a new Dell Inspiron, 64 bit, 8 GB ram that comes with Windows 8 installed. It should arrive tomorrow.

I have some complicated work projects going on that I have been working on in Windows 7 and I DO NOT have time to screw around with Windows 8 and all the issues I've read about.

Can someone please tell me what I need to do to get rid of Windows 8 and re-install Windows 7.  I just don't want to "mess up" my brand new computer


Thank you for your help


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  • Nearly all programs that work with Windows 7 work with Windows 8, so there is a good chance that you "should" be able to continue nearly as normal.  I can't promise you will like Windows 8, but I also believe much of the bad press is hype.  Really the only things you need to remember is that with Windows 8, the Start button is not visible - it is still there - you just click in the corner to go to Start; and that the Start Menu is now full screen (called Start Screen).  Everything previously found in the Start Menu is available from the Start Screen (plus newly added content tiles, such as pictures, videos, etc.), and there is a traditional "desktop" from which most applications still run and from which you will continue to do 90% of your work.

    However, if you really need to go back to Windows 7, you can do that too.  If you purchased the computer without Windows 8 Pro, then you will need to purchase Windows 7 (Retail license and disc) to install on your computer.  If you purchased the PC with Windows 8 Pro, then you can downgrade to Windows 7 Pro by obtaining your own media and activating via Microsoft (not Dell) over the phone.

    You will also need to track down drivers for installing Windows 7.  Which model Inspiron (and model number) did you purchase?

  • I really appreciate your response. I got my new Dell i7, 64 bit, 8 mb ram computer today. I have spent the day screwing with it and let me tell you I am disgusted.  

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE this Windows 8. Microsoft is apparently BLIND to the fact that I use this computer to do WORK with!!!!!  I do not give [ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed per TOU] about social network active tiles etc.   I also resent that I have to sign in to a stupid Microsoft network to boot up. They are trying to turn Microsoft into a "Apple like" company complete with a store etc.  Only Apple works!!!

    I am contacting Dell first thing in the morning and sending this computer back. Either they can reconfigure it with Windows 7 or they can keep it a

  • Do what makes you most comfortable - at this point Windows 7 is still an option on many new computers (although not all models offer Windows 7).  In a year, it probably won't be available on a new computer.  Windows 7, then, like now, will still be available to anyone to be installed on any system ... on their own.  

    Not everyone will adapt in one day, learning to undo 20 years of Start Menu habits.  It took me a few hours to "get" it, and a day or two completely adjust.  I do a LOT of work, of a LOT of different kinds, and other than a couple of hours when I first started, I have not missed a beat going to Windows 8.  There also exists a program called Start8 that can return the familiar feel/behavior of Windows 7.

    I don't even have Social Networking set up on my PC's - that's not a deal breaker.  You DON'T have to sign in with a Microsoft account - you can skip that and create a "local" account (you just can't sync settings or obtain apps from the store unless you do).  A Microsoft account can also be created using ANY email address - not just a Microsoft email account (,,,, etc.).

    The "store" paradigm is not an "Apple" thing ... it has pretty much become an industry standard practice (Google, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. all have their own stores to better control the QUALITY and INTEGRITY of the apps available on their devices and the OS software on which they run) ... Microsoft's downside is that their store is so young - given time, they will have many quality apps just as the other providers do.  Programs can be installed in Windows 8 just like in Windows 7 - "tiled" apps do not have to be used at all, if you don't want.

    I wish you luck.

  • I recently received a new Dell Laptop Inspiron with Windows 8 and I can say I Hate Windows as much as the previous writer. I don't have a problem navigating the start up tiles, I have a problem finding my files after I have saved them. Example, I uploaded a file to USAJobs and changed it in Microsoft to reload it. It was not in recent docs or Microsoft. I never had this problem before getting the new computer. 

  • It will usually ask you where you want to save files that you download from the Internet and modify ... and Microsoft Office apps, by default, in Windows V/7/8 will save in C:\Users\yourusername\Documents ... if it did not save it there, then check Word's settings to see where it has been set to save files.

    You might check your IE cache files just in case you saved it there somehow:

    C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\somefolder

    You can also search your PC for the filename and/or text inside the file, either from the Start Screen or from Windows Explorer.

  • Me three.  Win8 is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.  I realize the masses are dumbing down but some of us would like to control our own computers, thank you.  This "microsoft knows best" is complete and utter, arrogant.

    Bad move by ms, bad move by dell.  

    I did get to talk to some nice guys in India however.

    Very funny.  The kept calling win8 removal a downgrade.

    Apparently, Dell can't do anything to help me unless I buy another OS, then they will gladly help me install it, hurray!

    very frustrating and very disappointing