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Restoring using the recovery disks on Inspiron 15 3521 that came with Windows 8 Pro. Question about recovery partition.

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I have user created recovery disks.  I created them the day I got the computer and it made three of them.  My brother deleted my recovery partition a while back.  My question is, if I recovery my Inspiron 15 3521 using the three recovery disks I created, will it recreate the recovery partition in the process?   I just need an answer to this question, not replies stating that if I have the disks I don't need the recovery partition, why do I want the recovery partition if I have the disks, etc.  I just would like a simple answer as to the question.  If I use the recovery disks, will it recreate the recovery partition with all of the info it had in it when I first got the computer?  When the recovery finishes from the disks, will that recovery partition be there like the day I got the computer, so if I wanted to (I don't want to, but I'm just asking) I could again create the recovery disks from it?  Basically, will the computer be exactly as it was the day I got it home, recover partition and all?  Or, will it restore the computer to factory fresh, but not recreate the recovery partition with everything it had in it the day I got it?


Thanks in advance.

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