Urgent - Update Intel x520 Firmware when using ESXi 5


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Urgent - Update Intel x520 Firmware when using ESXi 5

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urgent question: DELL releases firmware updates for 10 GB Adapters Intel x520 DA2 installed in R710, 810, 720 Poweredge machines when using Windows >= 2008. What DELL does NOT release are firmware updates for this card when using ESXi 5.

Now: In the last year there were some really important FW changes for these cards in the wild. Anybody an idea how to update the firmware (NOT THE ESXi driver, i want the CARD FIRMWARE updated)?

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  • Hello Joerg

    The firmware is not OS dependent. The firmware that we release for Linux is the exact same firmware we release for Windows. The only difference is how the FW is packaged. There are firmware updates that are .exe's and capable of being run within Windows and other updates that are .tar's, .rpm's, etc that can be run within other operating systems.

    ESXi does not have an interface designed to run firmware updates from. You can access the underlying Linux operating system of ESXi, but it is a very slim version of Linux and will typically not have the necessary libraries to run a firmware update.

    I would suggest using the USC, or booting to a Linux Live CD/DVD to perform the firmware update. Here is our distro of CentOS that you can boot to and use to perform the update.



    Daniel Mysinger

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  • Hi Daniel,

    yeah i will do that, but i find it sad that i recently bought the new dell vcenter plugin, just to find out, you canĀ“t update the Intel x520 firmware with it. System FW / PERC / iDRAC / even Broadcom NICs no problem - BUT Intel x520 no way.

    Best regards,


  • Jeorg,

    I recommend the Dell Repository Manager. You can download all the updates and make a bootable update disc, no Linux live CD required. First you download the catalog from Dell. Next create a new repository with the Linux updates for your server. Then create a bundle with those updates, for example Intel 10G. Open the bundle and click the Export button and walk through the steps to create a deployment CD. Boot the server from the CD to install, once you boot the Cd the rest is automated. This works when the USC or vCenter plug-in doesn't work.