64 mb installed memory only 32 usable on R710 Poweredge server?


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64 mb installed memory only 32 usable on R710 Poweredge server?

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I am trying to figure out an issue with installed vs usable memory.

We have 64 mb installed on Optimize memory mode, but it's only showing 32 usable.

Even if we put 48mb in, it still only shows 32 usable.

I have checked to make sure the bios is updated, and I have turned off the C- stuff in the processor, due to a suggestion in a thread.

What caps the memory at 32?

We are using this server for load testing, so we need to get over this boundary as 32mb is not enough.




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  • Mad_taffer,

    How many processors are installed on the server?

    Also, what size dimms are you using?

    What slots are you placing the dimms in as well?

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  • Some of our new Dell hosts have come with the memory mirroring enabled in bios.   This would produce what you are describing.

  • 2 processors

    8 gig dimms

    1/4 2/5

  • How do we fix this.  I have been in the bios and have changed the memory configuration to Optimized from ECC.

    The mirror option was there, but was not selected.

  • Also, we tried putting in 48 gigs, and we still only got 32 usable

  • Some boards do not allow High Density Dimms.

    Must be INTEL Compatible Low Density Ram.

    YOU CANNOT USE 8 GIG Dimms.  

    4 Gig Dimms Max which is why 48 Gigs is max due to 12 sockets.

    DELL PowerEdge R710 (DDR3-1066MHz) (ECC) Memory

    Maximum Memory 48GB with 2 CPUs (12GB per CPU)

    Memory Slots 12 Sockets (6 (2 banks of 3) per CPU)

    non-removable base memory 0MB

    Machine name: Dell PowerEdge R710

    CPU options: Intel Xeon 5500 Processor Series (Dual-Core and Quad-Core)

    Chipset: Intel 5520 Chipset


    Front Side Bus options:

    Memory Speed options: PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 240pin ECC SDRAM DIMM

    Special notes: Due to chipset limitations, Unbuffered ECC DIMMs are limited to TWO Triple Channel Banks per processor on Intel Xeon 55xx series systems. The Dell PowerEdge R710 also supports Registered ECC memory. For Registered ECC version please see "Dell PowerEdge R710 (DDR3-1066MHz) (Reg.ECC) Memory".

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  • SpeedStep ... did you misread something?  The R710 supports 24GB UDIMM with 2GB DIMM's, and 288GB RDIMM using 16GB DIMM's.

    Make sure you are reviewing BOTH documents for population rules, requirements, and configurations:



  • I just ran in to this also - months later...  I'm guessing you figured out it was an OS limitation?


    You must be running Server 2008 Standard or below....