U3014 Issues


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U3014 Issues

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I received my replacement today and it has lines throughout the monitor again. Whats going on here Dell? I have gone through a few replacements and I should have to be put into this position. I asked for a Rev A02 and was told that it was not possible. To top this off the white has a yellow tinge to it and I was told that I need to buy a $240 calibrator to do it properly. Can I please get some help in some form. I should not have to be sent 4 replacements. I am reaching the point where this makes no sense.

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  • Also the monitor is not waking up from sleep mode... Ever

  • Bombadilio,

    Be sure you are testing with only the Dell supplied cables. Via what ports are you connecting to the computer? What is the desktop resolution? Is the USB uplink cable connecting the monitor to the computer?

    In standard office lighting, turn the monitor on and then take some pictures of the display showing the lines. Post those pictures. Test all ports if possible, DP (DisplayPort)/DVI/HDMI.

  • DVI port and it is using the provided cable. This is just ridiculous that I have had to have this monitor replaced so many times. Why can I just not receive the latest Rev A02. I have been receiving Rev A01 each time and they all have similar if not the same issues. Display Port wise, I can utilize this and it is better but not perfect. This monitor is worse than all the others I received previously.

    USB Uplink is connected as well.

    See Photo

  • Dell cannot choose a specific revision to go out when setting up an exchange outside of the initial 30 days from the original invoice date.

    That is what appears when you are using a DVI-D Single Link cable and not a DVI-D Dual Link cable. Also, verify the port on the video card. 
    Left = DVI-D Dual Link
    Right = DVI-D Single Link

  • The Titan's are all DVI Dual Link there is no Single link and this shows on every port but Display port. However on DIsplay Port there are more H Lines on the lower Left corner like previous posts

  • and the cable we shipped you is DVI-D Dual Link, correct?

  • You only sent one type of cable.

  • Post a picture of the end of the cable we shipped in the monitor box. By the way, the only difference between an A01 and A02 is that we turned off the SVE (Smart Video Enhance) in the monitor OSD (On Screen Display). If you turn it off yourself, you have the A02.

    * Open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display)
    * Go to Display Settings
    * Go to Smart Video Enhance
    * Change this to Off
    * Exit the monitor OSD
    * Open the DDM (if installed)
    * Click the tab Auto Mode
    * For every application listed, change them to Standard

  • I get Dell Display Manager Error, where it will not allow the Display Manager to run. I will just uninstall it so I do not have those issues.

    I understand you are having manufacturing issues with this monitor, but don't you think it's a little crazy that it does not work correctly? For example, I have the monitor connected just now and I put the memory card into the reader and it did not register in windows. The old monitor I sent back I know for a fact worked properly when I did this. It just seems odd that I am continuing to have issues like this.

  • "I understand you are having manufacturing issues with this monitor"
    * I am not belittling your experiences, but based on the total number sold versus total number returned/exchanged, that is not a true statement.

    So your saying when testing one at a time, that DVI-D, DP, mDP, and HDMI all look like your picture here:

    Run the U3014 Built-in Diagnostics. Try to take pictures of the test. Do the color screens match the issue in your picture?

    * The monitor is on
    * Disconnect all video cables from the monitor
    * The monitor goes into its self-test mode
    * Press and hold buttons 1 and 4 for two seconds. A grey screen appears
    * Press button 4 again. A red screen appears
    * Press button 4 again. A green screen appears
    * Press button 4 again. A blue screen appears
    * Press button 4 again. A black screen appears
    * Press button 4 again. A white screen appears
    * To exit, press button 4

    Card Reader. Have you tested our USB upstream cable on all of your computers USB ports?

    What vendor Titan is that? What ports are on it?

    The Dell Displays Manager is just a mini-version of the Entech softMCCS.

    The cool thing about it is that it has three to four Preset Operation Restore arrows depending on your monitor model:
    Restore factory defaults
    Restore factory geometry defaults
    Restore factory color defaults
    Restore factory luminance/contrast defaults

    Install the retail softMCCS, run the green arrow Restores and see if it fixes the issue testing DVI-D, DP, mDP, and HDMI.


    @DELL-Chris M:

    "The Dell Displays Manager is just a mini-version of the Entech softMCCS.


    Is there a documented way to access LUT3D with "softMCCS"? just download or upload data to CAL1/CAL2.

    Is LUT3D data compressed/stored in a "known" format?

  • yumichan,

    I do not know of any way to capture the 3D LUTs (lookup tables). You might try emailing Entech and see if their software can do it.

  • Chris - can you tell us what is the latest firmware revision on Dell 3011?  That seems to have fewer problems than 3014.  Just trying to gauge how long should I wait before purchasing 3014 given that it has all these problems.

  • red84354,

    I do not have any Dell released firmware information on the U3011?

  • I am confused here. How do I check the firmware. I received the latest replacement monitor and now need to set it up