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2007WFP Monitor wont turn on

  • So one day, my monitor just shuts off and it wont turn back on.  I cant find any where that fixes monitors, especially newer models and this monitor cost me some big bucks to get.  And coincidently, it stopped working a couple of weeks after my warranty expired.  Any ideas on what may be wrong with it?


  • I have 2 x Dell 27inch 2709wb monitors that also cost a fair amount. They both just stopped switching on within a week of each other and also just out of warranty. Called dells help line and they told me to throw them away and buy new ones!! I am happy to pay for repairs but apparently no spares are made available to repair businesses, this surely isn't a very eco friendly approach.

  • I had a problem switching on my iiyama monitor but it was a gradual deteriorating problem spanning a few weeks.  - I had to pump the On / Off switch twice, then three times then after 4 weeks, 6 times to get the monitor to switch on.  It was a faulty capacitor inside the monitor that was clearly evident by sticky glue-like substance oozing from the blown capacitor. Taking the monitor apart was technically easy but practically care was required because the plastic could break easily.