Dell V715w printing sporadically


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Dell V715w printing sporadically

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I have a Dell V715w all-in-one printer that is just over 18 months old. It has worked perfectly until about 3 weeks ago. It now prints sporadically. Occasionally it prints immediately when asked, though typically slower than it used to. At other times it won't print at all, or will only print once the computer is re-started.

We originally had it connected with a USB but have also tried an Ethernet and now wireless connection and have the same trouble with each set up. Can anyone suggest a reason or even better a solution?



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  • FlissM,

    In the last batch of Windows Updates, Microsoft installed Internet Explorer 11. IE11 had been causing printer problems.

    Open Internet Explorer, click on Help, then click on About Internet Explorer. It should show the version there. If you have IE11, then go to control panel, Windows Update, Installed Updates, look for Internet Explorer 11. Click on Internet Explorer 11, uninstall.

    Restart the computer, when prompted. Then see if your printer works.



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