Dell 2150Cn- error code 016-302


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Dell 2150Cn- error code 016-302

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I have dell 2150cn. Error code 016-302

I have rebooted printer, removed eth cable from printer.

I can print from USB connection, but once I connect printer to network, printer spits out error code 016-302.

I have upgraded to lasted firmware, dont know what else to do

Anybody have any help?


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  • Hi Gravydog88,

    Click on the link below for steps to resolve any 016-XXX Error on Dell Laser Printers.

    Please follow all instructions carefully and print the test pages as requested. Keep us posted on the results.

    Thanks & regards,
    Babita S
    To know more about Dell Product Support, Drivers & Downloads, Order & Dispatch status -> choose your region ->
    US Customers; UK Customers; India Customers. For Dell support videos click Here

  • Personally I think it's a compatibility issue with the website (and maybe windows 8) assuming Gravydog88 was printing a page from a website.

    Our household has 2 3000cn printers, 1 desktop with Windows 8, 1 with 8 Pro, 1 with Linux.

    There are some websites my wife tries to print recipes from. She clicks on print recipe and error 016-302 may present itself. This will happen on both Windows 8 desktops with both 3000cn printers (networked).Now if I go to the website with the Linux desktop the recipe prints as it should.

  • Thank you for posting this. Repaired my problem masterfully!
  • I am getting the same error on that printer. The link to the resolve this doesn't work?

  • What were you trying to print?

    If from a website, can you supply the link?

  • I tried the link you provided above, but it doesn't work.  I have the exact same problem.

  • I have the same problem, 016-302 error on my 2150cdn printer. 

    The link mentioned above iwith instructions to fix the problem is not working.  Please advise.

    Thank you,

  • Hello Biller,

    Thank you for posting to the forum. This error is often linked to data, usually a corrupt print job. Please review the attached word document which should provide steps you can use to reach a resolution.

    5611.016 Error Guide.docx


    Joseph E


  • The document is not complete? pages missing?

  • I am having the exact same issues.... 016-302 continues to appear.  

    The document that is referenced in the link says to go to the last page and follow step 7... but there is no step 7.  Are pages mission?

  • Hi

    Try changing the IP address of the printer by doing this steps.


    1. Remove Network Cable and try to Reset Network Settings

    2. Quick Reboot on the printer and while turn off plug in the Cable

    3. Try to Set Up the Printer again by Adding it on Devices and Manager

    4. If step 4 doesn't work try using a Installation Cd or Downloading fresh drivers from

    5. After adding the printer go to the web interface of your printer. (Note: If you have the IP Address of the printer Copy it and Open a Web Browser IE, Google Chrome or Mozilla)

    6. When you are on the webinterface check for Print Server Settings. Find the Tab Printer Server Settings and look for TCP/IP.

    7. Check for the IP Address and Select from the Get IP Address as Manual and type a new IP address set it as far as you can if you have too many network devices connected to network.

    If you find it hard to follow this this I advice you to contact Dell Printer Support and we could give you help regarding your issue.

  • Can anyone from dell provide a definitive & complete answer with a link or document that works?

    We have had 3 printers with this error now!