Dell 3115cn UM078 Installation CD Files Needed For Wireless Setup


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Dell 3115cn UM078 Installation CD Files Needed For Wireless Setup

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I just purchased a nice used Dell 3115cn multifunction printer.  I have printing, faxing and scanning working just fine.  The only thing I cannot get working is the built in wireless adapter.  In order tho set up the wireless adapter I need the 3115cn UM078 Installation CD that came with the printer.  I did not receive the installation CD when I purchased the used Dell printer.

Can someone direct  me as to how I might obtain just the setup/installation portion of the disk to be able to set up my Dell wireless on this printer?  I do understand that I cannot obtain the entire contents of the CD because of the licensed ScanSoft PaperPort application that is included on the disk.  Again I do not need anything but the files to set up the 3115cn built in wireless. 

Hopefully someone on this forum or a Dell employee can point me the right direction to be able to obtain the needed wireless set up files.

Any help or direction is appreciated. Smile

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  • Hi Scott H,

    Welcome to Dell Community Forum.

    The Dell Wireless USB 3310 Printer Adapter adds wireless networking capability to the Dell 3115cn color laser printers. The drivers to use the adapter are included with the printer drivers and utilities software. The Wireless USB 3310 Adapter connects to the Multi-Protocol Card (MPC), therefore the MPC must already be installed in the printer.

    You have correctly mentioned that the printer drivers cd is required for the same however, since you do not have the cd, try downloading and installing the printer software from the Dell Support Website. The links mentioned below may be useful in this regard.

    For Dell 3115cn drivers and User Guide :

    For information on connecting the Dell 3115cn to a Wireless Network:

    For installing the Dell Wireless USB 3310 Adapter:

    Hope this helps resolve the issue for you. Let me know if further help is needed.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

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  • Hi Babita S.

    Thanks for the response to my question about obtaining the needed installation files to be able to set up the 3115cn wireless adapter.  The three links you provide all have very good information for installing the USB 3310 Adapter, but none of the links provide any way to obtain the needed files that are only on the 3115cn UM078 Installation CD.  The links you provide all start with:

    Insert the Dell Laser Printer Drivers & Utilities CD in a system on the network.
    The Dell Printer Installation setup window appears.

    I have looked at every driver link I can find at the Dell web site and nowhere can I find the needed set up files for the wireless.  The driver links contain all other needed drivers, but not the needed setup files for the wireless adapter.

    Is their any other way for me to obtain the needed files to be able to set up the 3115cn wireless adapter?

    Thanks again for the help!

  • Hi Scott H.,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The software that you are looking for is a complementary software that is only shipped at the point of purchase of the printer. Try to contact the original owner of the printer for the cd, if possible.

    Or, if you know somebody who owns a similar printer and has the printer installation cd, you can use the same to install the printer drivers. I know these are workarounds which may or may not be possible but unfortunately, if the drivers on the Support website did not prove helpful then, these are the only options available.

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

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  • Hi Babita S.

    I have contacted the original owner of the printer and I was told the CD was not available.  The printer was purchased from Dell as a refurbished / used printer and I was told the installation CD did not come with the printer.  I also do not know anyone else whom owns this model of Dell printer.

    I have responded to your request for additional information about my printer.  Thank you for anything you can do in this matter.

    Thanks again,

    Scott H.

  • Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have responded to your query through private message. Kindly check and reply if you have further queries.  

    Thanks and regards,
    Babita S

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  • I have the same issue. I have a Dell 3115cn Laser Printer with the WLA3310 USB Wireless adapter. When I changed my home wireless network it quit working. I inserted the cd but it now longer works. I am not able to find the installer file to run the needed steps listed in the following articles. Please advise. Thanks

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    Date Published:                         2006-06-28                    
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  • I have the same issue. I have the original install CD that came with the Dell 3115cn printer. The CD however is scratched up to the point it no longer works. I have been trying to set up the printer with the added wireless adapter for a long time now with no avail. As per the previous post, all options point back to having the cd. You would think the information on the CD would be available somewhere for download, especially from Dell's website. Please respond. Thank you
  • I bought my 3115cn from Dell in 2009.  I just bought the hardware to add wireless capability.  I had the CD but have moved twice. I don't have a clue where it is or even if I have it.  There must be somewhere to download this file. Help please!!

  • THE ANSWER (at least this works for me)!!!!  I was trying to connect my 3115cn to my "regular" wireless network but could not figure out how to change the SSID in the printer.  That is a futile effort without the utility program - here is an alternative.  The result is you will have two wireless networks - your "regular" wireless network and a network specific to the 3115cn.  If you print while connected to your "regular" wireless network, the 3115cn netowrk will connect on an "on demand" basis without disturbing your regular network. Here goes:

    1. From the printer control panel (PCP) - reinitialize the non-volatile memory (NVM) under the Wireless Network section (this wipes out any residual wireless info);

    2. Also from the PCP print a System Report - check to ensure the multi-protocol card and the USB adapter are recognized under Printer Options section of the report. If not, stop here because your system is not seeing the wireless hardware. If those are listed look under the Wireless Network section. You should see the IP address as Also look at Wireless Network section of the report for the current SSID. Mine was "dell_device" ( that is probably what yours will read too, in any event make note of the listed SSID);

    3. "View Available Wireless Networks" on your PC.  Find the network with the same SSID as your printer.  Connect to that network.  The "Acquiring Network Address" message appears - it seemed to take longer than usual but my system connected after a minute or so;

    4. From the PCP, print another System Report.  You should see that an IP address now appears in the Wireless Network section of the report.  Make note of that IP address;

    5.Connect printer to the PC with a USB cable. The printer should install and appear on your list of available printers (at this point it is still just a USB printer);

    6.Right click on the 3115cn printer and bring up the Printer Properties;

    7. Go to the Ports tab;

    8. Add a Port using the Standard TCP/IP port type; click next and the Add Port Wizard will ask for an IP address - enter the IP address from the Wireless Network section of the System Report you printed in Step 4 above.

    9. Select this new port as the port for the 3115cn printer;

    10. Unplug the USB cable; your printer is now a wireless printer with its own SSID

    11. If your "regular" wireless network is unconnected at this point, you can connect to your "regular" wireless network; You will see that the printer network (SSID = dell_device in my case) does not disconnect - it simply says On Demand;

    12. When you print, the printer network connects "on demand" and when the print job is done that connection goes back to a waiting state "On Demand"

    Like I said, works for me. I hope it works for you.

    P.S. One clarification - "On Demand" networks do not automatically spring to life when a print job is sent to the computer - at least not that I can see so far.  A little clunky but the routine is as follows when already connected to your "regular" wireless network: 1. Go to "View Available Wireless Networks"; Click on your printer's "On Demand" network (no need to disconnect from your "regular" wireless network); when connected, send your print job; go back to "View Available Wireless Networks"; connect to your regular wireless network. If anyone knows of a more automated way to switch networks or have both "always on" feel free to chime in

    P.P.S.  Rather than rewrite the above, I will add so the development of my thought process is clear - that may be easier to track than a quick jump to the answer.  After writing the P.S. it occurred to me that I have a dual band router.  Perhaps, I can have my "regular" network operate on the 5 MHZ band and the printer on the 2.4 MHZ band.  I'm not sure how to do this - perhaps by locking in the transmit channels.

    P.P.P.S. (May 14, 2014) - When writing the above, I could not get the printer to connect to my regular wireless network hence I went with the two network approach described above (ad hoc for the printer, infrastructure for everything else).  The wireless LAN setting on the 3115cn configuration page (accessible when the ad hoc netowrk is set-up as above) allows me to change the SSID and pass phrase but would never connect. Eventually, I figured out the problem - I had been selecting WPA-AES as the printer's security mode when I should have picked WPA-TKIP.  Once I made that change, and reset my printer's wireless to my regular SSID, infrastructure amd pass phrase, my printer is connected full time to my wireless network.  So, I now have a fully capable (printing and scanning) wireless 3115cn without having the utilities CD. Whew! Over and out . . .

  • Babita, I have this same printer, and need assistance with getting it setup for Wireless Printing. Please let me know how to go about getting it setup. Thank you, Stephen
  • Hi Stephen,

    Welcome to Dell Community Forum.

    Please click on this link for all Dell Laser Printer issues:

    If installing on Windows 8, please click on this link:

    Let us know if you need further assistance, we would be happy to assist.

    Thanks and regards.
    Babita S

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  • Hi Stephen,


    We hope the links were helpful.

    Please reply if you need further assistance, we would be happy to assist.

    Thanks and regards.
    Babita S

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  • Hi Babita,


    NO! Your links is not helpful at all.

    For us that don’t have access to the original CD we do not need to be pointed to links about something else.


    I have the same problem as all above and it seems to me that if we don’t have the CD we are out of luck and might as well toss the USB away…


    Why won’t you provide us with the correct software?


    Frustrated Dell user

  • To all you frustrated Dell wireless printer owners without a CD.  I have the answer that will work! Yes the install CD makes it easy but if you don’t have one you need to do the following things. (See Note 2)

    1. Install the card and power up the printer. (See note 1)
    2. Go into the admin menu and reset or initialize the NVM and reboot the printer.

    3. Go in to the wireless IP menu and assign a static IP, Subnet, and GW address from your network range or let it use DHCP. (I prefer to use statics for printers)

    4. Go to the LAN network menu and give it a static IP, Subnet, and GW IP from your IP range.

    5. Connect the printer to the hub or switch with a patch cable.

    6. Get on your pc and open a browser and type in the IP address you set for the LAN . (See Note 3)

    7. You should be able to get right in.

    8. From there go to print server setting and then to wireless LAN.

    9. From there you can set the SSID and security needed for the printer to get on your wireless AP or router.

    10. Once that is set, you should be able to ping the wireless address you set. If you don’t, something is not right in your settings.

    11. If you get a reply from the wireless IP, then go set up the printer as if it was a networked printer.

    I did this and it worked with no CD! I do have the CD and I tried using it to set it up and I have found that my way is faster and cleaner for setting up the printer.

    NOTE 1: If the wireless card is working correctly before configuration, you will see in the wireless status menu the connection change from good to no reception then back to good. You can also print a printer status page and the MFC should be displayed.

    NOTE 2: You need to be savvy about your network and IP addressing. This is not for a basic user to do. So get someone who knows about networks if needed.

    NOTE 3: You should get 4 replies from the ping test. If you don’t get an answer then you need to troubleshoot the LAN.

  • Here is how I got wireless configuration to work without using CD or USB cable on Dell 3115cn Printer.  Posting it here for my own reference in future. :)

    Overall without the installation CD there is no way to override the default SSID and encryption settings of the wireless card/adapter on a dell 3115cn during installation.  But you can do it afterwards. So, the way around is to TEMPORAILY change your wireless router to match the default SSID (dell_device) default network type (Adhoc) and encryption (none) of the DELL 3115cn printer. You will also have to assign Static IP, Subnet,  and Gateway accordingly.  Once you do that, you will be able to access the printer's Web Configuration Page and then navigate to Printer Server Settings->Wireless LAN settings. Notice, you cannot access the Wireless LAN settings if you launch the Web based tool using the LAN Network IP. You must use the Static IP you assigned to the wireless adapter using printer's front panel.

    Once you get to Wireless LAN settings, then you can change them. Then go back to your router and change back to your desired (matching) SSID and Encryption settings. That will get your printer online!