V313 AIO printer: black ink problem!


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V313 AIO printer: black ink problem!

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Hi guys, This is my first post here.

All functions of my V313 work fine, except it will not print any black ink, even though the cartridge is fairly new and shows half full.

I don't use the printer a lot but when I do need some printed pages of text, I'll get several good ones,

one or two that just fade out and then the rest are completely blank!

If I replace the black cartridge it's OK, but only for a while.

This has been an ongoing problem for a while now.

Cleaning has no effect.

I'm using genuine Dell cartridges and I'm NOT going to keep buying these expensive cartridges when I'm getting so little use out of them.

The color cartridge has never been a problem.  I've printed some great color photos with this printer.

Please help...


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