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Dell V313w Printer stops printing in the middle of a task and deletes the print job.

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My Dell V313w printer has been finicky ever since I opened the box but no its getting to point where I am unable to print an project. The symptoms are as follows.

1: I ask the printer to print a multi-page document.

2: The printer begins printing just fine up until about the second page (sometimes it has problems on the first page or one a one page document).

3: The printer stops printing and after awhile of sitting there the printer spits out a half finished page and the print job is deleted out of the print que as if nothing happened. 

I usually can get it to print one page normally after I restart it and the computer. There are no errors or any messages at all, the machine simply stops printing as if it didn't want to print any more and spits out a half printed page back to me. After this happens the printer will now usually refuse to print at all. The request will go to the que, the printer will make some warm up noises, the progress bar will get to about half-way and then....nothing. After a few more seconds the print job is automatically deleted again. This is amazingly aggravating and in the future I won't be caught dead using a dell printer if I can avoid it. Can anyone supply any useful information?

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  • Hi Forehand0,

    I can understand electronic devices can create confusion when they do not work the way they are designed for.

    Here are few things that we can try to fix this technical issue.

    Installing the drivers in the prescribed manner and starting the services necessary for the scanning application could resolve the problem.

    Follow the below steps to reinstall the printer drivers in prescribed manner.

    Please disconnect the USB cable that runs from the printer to the computer and uninstall the printer driver by using uninstaller software. Here is a link to download one:

    Install the software and uninstall the printer driver using the Advanced Uninstall option from the software. It is third party uninstaller software used to uninstall the drivers/programs from the computer.

    The software prompts asking you to delete the Registry keys corresponding to the printer driver. Select all and delete them. Restart the computer to remove any traces of the printer software.

    Perform the steps below and ensure that the services required for the printer to work are started.

    1. Press the “Windows + R” to launch the run window.
    2. Type “Services.msc” in the run window and hit the Enter key.

    Right click each service mentioned below, click properties. Set the startup type as “Automatic” from the drop down menu and click “Start”. Please click “Apply” to save the changes.

    The services to be enabled are:

    • Human Interface Devices (HID).
    • Printer Spooler.
    • RPC (Remote Procedure Call).
    • RPC Locator (Remote Procedure Call Locator).
    • Windows image acquisition (WIA).
    • Windows Installer.

    Insert the printer driver’s cd for V313W and install the drivers in the computer.

    If you do not have a cd use the following steps to download the printer drivers.

    Download the printer driver from the link below.

    NOTE: Please do not connect the printer using the USB cable to the computer prior to installing the drivers.

    Please copy the above mentioned link, paste it in the address bar of the new internet explorer window.

    1. Select the operating system of your computer from the list.
    2. Save the file to the desktop.
    3. Double-Click on the downloaded file.
    4. Click “Yes”, when the utility prompts to extract the files.
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
    6. Connect the printer using the USB cable when prompted.
    7. Try to print.

    If the problem still persists I suggest you to update the firmware for the printer. To update the Firmware software for the printer follow the below steps:

    Note: Firmware can be updated by connecting the printer and computer with a USB cable,

    Use this link for help:

    1. Turn off the printer, and remove the Printhead out of the printer,
    2. Connect the printer and the computer with a USB cable and turn on the printer.
    3. Open this link in the computer:
    4. Select the operating system of the computer from the list of options.
    5. Under the Firmware, select the right Firmware according to the printer model depending on Wifi mode.
    6. Click “Get driver” and follow the onscreen instructions and update the Firmware software.
    7. Reinsert the printhead and try printing and check.

    Please reply for further help.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil D

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  • I followed your instructions precisely. I uninstalled my drivers. Wiped them from my system. Got the new drivers from dell and installed them however my computer will now not recognize the printer, I get to the portion of the driver installation where it prompts me to select my printer. My printer is connected via the wifi so I select wifi. The box however  containing a list of printers is completely blank! I can at the very same moment find the printer in my network map and access is through my web browser. Why can't the installer see my printer? Even when I get the exact ip adress of the printer and input it into the installer nothing happens.

    I went ahead and updated the firmware using a usb cable but I am still unable to complete my driver installation.

  • Hi Forehand0,

    I suggest you to follow the steps from this link to connect the printer wirelessly with the computer:

    Please check and reply for further help.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nikhil D

    To know more about Dell Product Support, Drivers & Downloads, Order & Dispatch status -> choose your region US Customers; India Customers. For Dell Support videos click Here