Dell 1815 driver for Windows 7 64 bit OS


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Dell 1815 driver for Windows 7 64 bit OS

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Where is the driver for a Dell 1815dn printer?  It used to be available at the Dell support web site.  Now I only see a download for IT servers.  I just have a small home network that does just fine.  Where is the driver?

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  • Click Here.

  • When I click on any of the links at that site you told me to go to, I am redirected to a general download search site see link below.{DriverID}


    Ultimately, there are no drivers available, as this is where I end up:


    What am I missing..?  My 1815dn is no respondoing at all for some reason.  I have a home network, the printer is attached via ethernet cable to a router.  There are 2 pc also connected to the using & 64-bit OS and the other with Vista 64-bit.  My laptop connects wirelessly.  The printer is communicating with noe of the computers now...this has happened over the last week or so.  I was hopingI could reload the drivers...but they seem to have vanished from the Dell web site.  The only downloadable file available is the "Dell_Printer_Management_Pack_v4.1_A00.exe (413KB)."


    Is it time to throw out the 1815dn?  I'm getting desperate...any assistance is appreciated.



  • I went to my link from home and here at work and I can see 13 drivers?

  • are right...all I have to do is click on the right tab.  Makes me feel like I'm really in charge of my faculties...HAHA.  Anyway, now it looks like the drivers have been added back to the 1815dn driver download site as I have seen them before.

    Regardless, I am still having problems.  The printer will work from different computers as long as it is connected directly to the sending printer via USB cable.  I'm wondering if the network card is shot as I can't print across the network and determine if the network card is working properly?  Is it possible to purchase a new network card...or better to purchase a new printer now after 5 1/2 years?