My v715w is full of black ink but wont


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My v715w is full of black ink but wont

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This is my first time.  My printer stopped printing bkack ink a few days ago.  I always choose quick print and use only black ink, so the I dont use the ink so quickly.  When it didnt print, an icon popped up at the bottom of my screen saying that the color ink was low.  I figured that the printer will not print black if the color is too low so, I went to and ordered a new 24r color cartridge.  It arrived today. 

I popped the 24r in the printer, aligned it, cleaned and printed a test page.  Each page printed only with color and no black ink printed.  I took the black out and reinstalled it then went though the process again.  Then I checked the ink levels and both the black and the color are still full, so I am not sure what else I need to do.  It just stopped printing black all of a sudden so I'm bummed. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance! 

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  •  Miss Mims,


    Please try reading...


    Troubleshooting Printhead Problems on the Dell AIO V313w, V515w, V715w, P513w, and P713W Printers


    When reseating the Dell Series ink cartridge, please makse sure to...

    Insert the ink cartridge. Using two hands, slide the front end of the cartridge into the printhead and then press down on the back of the cartridge until you feel the cartridge click into place.

    It's important to make sure the lip get in the correct position.




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  • I have the same exact problem and this did not help. Any other suggestions?

  • Can you tell me if you were ever able to solve this problem?