3115cn All-In-One - Setting Printer to Print in Black Only


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3115cn All-In-One - Setting Printer to Print in Black Only

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I have a Dell 3115cn that refuses to print anything at all unless I replace the cyan toner cartridge.  I do not want to replace the cyan toner cartridge ($100).  I do not print in color at all.  I just want to print in black and white while still being able to copy, scan, and fax.  I have set it to non-dell toner, but that has not corrected the problem.  I have set all of my computers individually to print in black only, but that has not corrected the problem, the printer insists that I replace the cyan toner cartridge before it will do ANYTHING.  There must be a way to set this printer (on the printer itself) to print in black and white only.  Thank you for your help. 

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  • The printer also refuses to fax, scan, and/or copy until the cyan toner cartridge is replaced.

  • I would like to bypass the color print cartridges altogether.

  • Hello,

    I have the same question. My yellow toner cartridge is empty and I'm waiting for a new one. But in the meantime the printer is complaining about the empty cartridge and doing nothing.

    Please help us!

  • Have you ever figured out how to set your printer to print in black only? I'd also like to be able to do this!

  • have you figured out how to make the 3115 do what you want it to do?  I've had one a long time...but have always had toner issues... not lasting as long as they should...specifically color..

  • If you set the printer to non-Dell toner mode it will turn off the detection of the toner levels on the cartridge. It will keep a constant warning message on your screen but you should be able to print, copy and fax without issue. Then all you will need to do is set the defaults for any mode to black instead of color and you should be good to go. If you have an empty cartridge, the error on the screen will prevent you from accessing the menus, but all the changes can be made on the web server.

  • How awesome...  however, you've responded to a techno-zero!  LOL

    Where would I find the menu to set the printer to non-Dell toner mode?

    Also, given that I do currently have an emplty cartridge error (and it's a color cartridge that I replaced recently...there's NO WAY it could even be 10% used up!!)...can you tell me specifically how/where I make the changes you speak of 'on the web server.'  I'm not sure I know what that means..

    Thank You Sooo much!!

    I'm so excited... I thought I was going to have to purchase another $800 in toner....UGH!

    Note: when I first bought the printer, oh 5 or 6 years ago or longer... the color cartridges lasted several years...I rarely print in color, but when I do, it's for a client presentation...so I want it to be awesome!

    A couple years ago I had to replace the color cartridges again, which seemed strange since the first cartridges lasted several years or more...

    I had to replace the color cartridges again in January of this year, just prior to tax season starting... and they supposedly already empty again...  the time frame in which the cartridges seem to be lasting has been exponentially decreasing...

    Another side observation you may or may not know anything about....  NEVER have any copies or printed pages EVER declined in quality...  my back-up printer, which is a black-only Dell printer..... the quality fades a little... I can remove the toner and shake it back and forth a bit.... it will print again for sometime...and I can repeat this process over and over again until it is ovbious the laser toner cartridge is in fact empty...  with the 3115cn cartridges... when the machine says the cartridge is empty...game over!  

    The other thing I find strange is that the color cartriges always go empty at exactly the same time...and again, without any decline in quality...

    I always buy high yield cartridges...which are supposed to yield 5,000 color and 8,000 black...  While I'm sure the black cartridge I just changed is not empty...I have been using in regular for several months....  The color cartridges probably don't have more than 50 to 100 pages total used...

    I'm very cheap...I mean I really try to stretch the value out of a dollar... as such, I am anal retentive in my printing....I ALWAYS go in to the print menu prior to printing and select 'black only' and then click the 'toner saver' button...

    I know there is no way I could have used more than a very small amout of color toner...

    Wow, that was way more than you needed to know...

    Anyway, I appreciate any guidance you can provide on setting the machine to non-Dell mode and also how to access the web server so I can change it....

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

  • The first thing that you need is the IP address of the printer. This can be found  on a settings page or you can find it on the ports tab of the printer properties:

    Start -> Printers and Faxes, or Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes

    Right-click the printer name, and left-click Properties

    Click the Ports tab, and widen the first column which displays IP address of the printers

    Most likely it will be 192.168.xxx.xxx. You will input that number in that format in an internet explorer address bar as if you were going to a website. That should pull up the web server of the printer. In the web server, click on printer settings on the left hand side and then click the printer maintenance tab. Click the non-dell toner sub link and turn it on with a check box. After that is applied then you can check to ensure that your copy setting is defaulted to Black in the printer settings tab under the copy defaults sub tab.

    If you have problems finding your IP address on the printer you may have to replace one more cartridge to get that information.

  • We're almost there... when we check the non-dell toner box, and then the 'apply changes' button...it brings up a user name and password request....

    We've never established a user name and/or password to my knoweldge...  Insight?

  • Username: admin

    Password: blank, type nothing in that field and it should work

  • truly a life saver... if you email me your mailing address, I'd gladly send a gift card to your favorite restaraunt or something...  you probably saved me from my desperate thoughts of replacing the machine...  :)

    thank you Soooo much for being willing to offer this information...  I have always known that the toner cartridges were not even close to empty...this will also save me money in the long run as I won't have to replace the cartridges until they're actually empty!

  • No worries this stuff is fun for me! Enjoy your printer!

  • You sound like me when I help people with tax issues... they always look at me like I'm weird or something... I think I probably just made that look at my computer screen...  LOL

    Thanks again!  Truly, your assistance made my day!!

  • connect my printer via usb, so no chance to reach the webbrowser?