1320C Error Light Blinking


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1320C Error Light Blinking

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Printer was working.  Decided to move it and unplugged it, then plugged it back in.  Now I have an Error light blinking and can't figure out how to diagnose or fix it.  I have tried to diagnose it in the toolbox software but I don't have a password.  Help please before I go Office Space on this thing.  

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  • This took me some time to find, and "the oracle" was of little assistance.  However, if you visit the following link:

    and search for

    "Clean the CTD sensor"

    The solution provided worked for me.

    If you still receive the error after trying this, open the side door (where the toner is) and hold the reset button down in the back until the unit turns off.  Then hold the continue and cancel buttons while releasing the reset button. The unit will flash all lights after about five seconds at which point you can release the buttons.  Then, close the door to the toner area.

    Viola, I hope.