Single switch problem previously in a stack

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Single switch problem previously in a stack

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I'm trying to troubleshoot a seeming network problem with a switch (Powerconnect 5548) that used to be part of a 2 switch stack. I can't find the root cause and now want to explore the possibilty that the switch is failing over to a switch that is no longer there. Is this possible? 

Its a production switch and recently after adding a vlan and adding the vlan to the trunk and access ports I lost connectivity to the switch on the network. This was two days after the change was made. Basically everything on the switch was unreachable over the network as well as the switch itself. I powercycled the switch and everything came back up. Unfortunately the logs didn't show anything. 

As far as I can tell the HDMI cable is no longer connected although the old master is still on the network with a single cable to one trunk port. 

console# sh system 

Unit Type
---- ----------------------
1 PowerConnect 5548

Unit Main Power Supply Redundant Power Supply
---- ----------------- ----------------------

Unit Fans Status
---- ------------------
1 OK

Unit Temperature (Celsius) Temperature Sensor Status
---- ------------------------- -------------------------
1 44 OK

Unit Up time
---- ---------------
1 09,14:56:59
console# sh switch
Unit MAC Address Software Master Uplink Downlink Status
---- ----------------- ---------- -------- --------- --------- -------
1 5c:26:0a:c9:85:03 Enabled link down link down master
Topology is Chain
Stack image auto synchronization is enabled

Unit Unit Id After Reset
---- -------------------
1 0

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