Hi all

I travel between the US and the UK a lot for work and am looking to get one of the new Venue 8 Pro tablets to use whilst on the move. Looking at the spec sheet found HERE I notice that there are going to be two versions released of the Venue 8 Pro. One for the US and one for the rest of the world.

The US version contains the Dell Wireless 5808E broadband module whilst the other model has the Dell Wireless 5570E module. The difference been, the US version is 4G capable whereas the rest of the world will be stuck with the 3G model.

I understand 4G networks use various different frequencies depending on what country you are in and what provider you are using. I am trying to find out what frequencies this Dell module is capable of operating on? Ideally i would like to purchase the US version whilst over there and it still be compatible with 4G networks here in the UK. Ive tried speaking to the DELL CSR but they can only provide me with the same pdf link i mentioned earlier :s 

Has anyone got any thoughts on this please, many thanks in advance.