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trying to install new network card in an Dimension E520

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As I understand it my Dimension E520 has the network connection built into the motherboard.  I want to speed up my connection with a gigabit card.  I bought an Intel gigabit CT PCI-E network card.  When I installed it the computer wouldn't boot up.  The power came on but that's all.  I removed the card and everything worked fine.  Help???

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  • Hi KellyBarron,

    Good day and welcome to the community!

    Thanks for reaching out to us and am sorry for any trouble. The Network Card is not compatible with the board that's causing the system not to boot. You can only use the Dell 1450 Wireless USB Adapter as an alternative. Hope this answers your concern. For anything else, just let me know.

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Thanks for your answer!  Will the adapter you suggested speed up my connection?  That's my goal in this.

  • Hi Kelly,

    The compatible card will improve the connection, however it may not meet your full expectation in doing the upgrade. For anything else, just let me know.

    Thanks and Regards,