Dell Wireless 1703 802.11b/g/n (2.4Ghz) - Issues with signal strenght and speed (XPS 8500)

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Dell Wireless 1703 802.11b/g/n (2.4Ghz) - Issues with signal strenght and speed (XPS 8500)

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Hello all!

I own a XPS 8500 Intel Core i5-3450 3.10Ghz (Windows 7 64 bits).

Some days ago, suddenly my wireless connection began dropping all the time and the internet speed was very low.

Now, the wireless connection is not dropping anymore, but the sinal strenght is very weak and the speed is very low.

I'm sure the problem is within my network adapter  (Dell Wireless 1703 802.11b/g/n).

I have a notebook with a Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n network adapter and I tested the wireless conection, putting the notebook on the same place my XPS 8500 is. The wireless connection from the notebook was fast and stable.

It was an average 60% signal strenght vs. 35% signal strenght from Dell wireless.

I own a TPLink TL-WR740N V4 router, with the most updated firmware. The Dell wireless card adaptor have the most updated driver too.

I tried using all of these tips ( but none could solve the problem.

Does anybody have any suggestions about it all?

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  • I have exactly the same problem. Usually 1 or 2 bars at best on wireless connection. Mac, iPad and phone wireless connections in the same room are all 5 bars. I have upgraded to the latest Dell driver for the wireless adapter but it has made no difference.

  • Hi

    I have the same problem, but can't appear to get an answer from Dell.  All of my laptops etc receive 5 bar signal strength but my xps 8500 is lucky to get 3.  Not being an expert but it appears to me the Dell wireless adapter just isn't very good.

  • Hello,

    I received an answer from Dell but you probably won't like it.  I have the same problem.  I have been told by Dell tech support that the 1703 is rated at maximum 15 feet distance from the router.  Exceeding this distance will cause performance to deteriorate.   I was on line with tech support for an hour, during which time they decided my wireless card was faulty.  Dell came to my home and replaced the wireless card.  When the second card was no better, I called tech support again and received this news.

    I have never heard of such a thing before, but this concurs with the performance I am seeing.  I am not sure why Dell would use a wireless card that does not allow you to leave the room.  I am astounded and sorely disappointed.  I will be returning my Dell and looking for something else with a proper wireless card.

  • I forgot to mention I compared my new Dell to other computers in my home, using Rogers speedchaeck.  I bought this Dell to replace the netbook.:

    Dell mini 1012 (daughter's netbook): 4-5 bars, 20-25MB download

    Dell Inspiron 15 (Wife's):  4-5 bars,  18-50MB download

    Dell Latitude (brought it home from work): 4-5 bars, just recorded 74MB download

    My New Dell: 2-3 bars, 3-6MB download