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problem with Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN MiniCard.

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i have a 1510 vostro with vista sp1 OS

when i buyed my laptop, the wireless didnt work on it at all...the blue light (sign of wireless) didnt turn on... then i installed win xp and its working on it...but when i reinstall the vista still wont work at all....and The problem and solution program of vista reports this:

Address a problem with your wireless network card

Your wireless network card isn't working properly because a compatible driver isn't available for this version of Windows.

The model name of your wireless network card is Dell Wireless 1395 WLAN MiniCard.

Because this device isn't compatible with this version of Windows, and there are no solutions available for this problem, we recommend that you find another device on the following website:

Click to go online to the Windows Vista Compatibility CenterClick to go online to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center


but i couldnt do anything at all.........plz help me

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