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How to install windows 8.1 on Dell venue 8 pro and activate with original product key

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Hi, Unfortunately my dell venue 8 pro has got some issues and i re installed windows 8.1 pro. But its not working fine as its not a genuine version. Can someone help me to install windows 8.1 32 bit and activate with the original product key that came with the product. I've noted it down ? Thanks, Ram
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  • hey I will be reinstalling windows soon too im going to flash the iso to a usb and boot it and then install windows if you still need help just say so but I wall restore tomorrow if all goes well I will help you and you will need to reinstall dells drivers but I can help with that man and good that you have the key but Microsoft made a something that automatically insert key into setup but since me and you cant get the Microsoft original iso we need to get it off a torrent :( that is sad I have the windows 8 disk but not the windows 8.1 disks let me know If I can still help
  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes. I need your help. I kept my tablet inside a draw as i couldn't use it. I've already downloaded all the drivers. If it goes well for you please guide me how you did that. I'll also try to get original 8.1 iso. Thanks again for your help. Ram.
  • ok it work 100% remember this is a computer so you fix it like a computer and the iso well you cant get the original 8.1 iso but the one I use they did not modify they just add all in one editions but like any you still have to activate it or windows gets mad lol and wait I will post what you need ok
  • What you will need: MicroSDHC Card: / Micro USB B/Male to USB 2.0: / USB Hub With External Power: / USB Keyboard/Mouse: / uTorrent: (when installed copy and past the magnet link by going to file and torrent from url) / Windows 8.1 iso: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7d09f0f0a2415b7218f017590ce9c11fa1f42789&dn=Windows+8.1+AIO+20in1+with+Update+x86+en-US+May2014& (Unmodified MSDN) / 8+ GB USB: / Universal USB Installer: / Microsoft Office: (Rename File to Microsoft Office 2013) / Organize MicroSDHC Card: / Dell Drivers: / DriverPack Solution 14: (if you what) / A Computer: :-)
  • tell me when your ready
  • Thanks for your post. I'll prepare and tell you once I'm ready. Thanks, Ram.
  • Hey,

    Please can you tell me in details what's the steps, because I have the exact same problem, and I can't use the dell venue 8.1 key to install windows again.

    So what's the solution??


  • well do you have all that the equipment in the list
  • ok you need to download the torrent iso of windows 8.1 but you will not be using the hacked but the not hacked one so I don't think Microsoft will care
  • ya I see that google disabled it I will get you a new link ok
  • there go back to the list I gave over what you need and if updated it so you can get what you need
  • please don't use magnet link until I say so im going to check it is good ok I already have download it
  • Ramiran2
    ok you need to download the torrent iso of windows 8.1 but you will not be using the hacked but the not hacked one so I don't think Microsoft will care

    I would download this. Get it from MS.

    And if I were you, next time this happens I would consider simply doing a reset of the system. I do it regularly on most of my systems so they're fresh and speedy.

  • well you cant
  • Ramiran2
    well you cant

    Can't what?