Dell Venue 8 Pro unable to connect to WIFI

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Dell Venue 8 Pro unable to connect to WIFI

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I have had my Venue for a few weeks now, and haven't had any problems with it until today. I use it mainly for school work and as i pulled it out this morning for class, I noticed the internet wasn't connected.
After doing a bit of trouble shooting, I came up with this message "The Dell Wireless 1538 802.11 a/g/n Adapter adapter is experiencing driver- or hardware- related problems."
I find this driver the Dell website, and planned to just download it onto my PC and then transfer it over to my Venue(since obviously I couldn't download it straight to my tablet without WIFI). So I plugged in the USB cable that it comes with, the one for the charger, and my PC doesn't pick up that anything is even plugged in to it.
Has anyone else had this problem, and, more importantly, does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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  • Did these steps, worked great.  Still searching updates so I can hide them.  Weird, these updates were from June, I didn't have problems until December.  Thanks.

  • I've seen a few posts in the last week saying 'this worked for me' or things along those lines. I'm not sure what solution they are referring to. Is it the disabling of certain updates? I tried that half year ago with no luck. Or holding down the power button for a few minutes. Didn't help me either. Possibly this is because you have the venue 8, whereas I have the Venue 11. Possible the 8 is slightly less buggy than the 11.

    A while ago I mentioned my workaround with the combined Bluetooth/WiFi dongle. That has also proved to be disappointing. It is a bit more reliable than the built in adapter, but not trouble free. I think it is actually not the dongle itself, but something in the Venue Pro configurations that every now and then disconnects the whole dongle, which forces a reboot yet again. If I were to believe in conspiracy theories It would seem that everything about the Venue Pro tries to make connecting to WiFi and Bluetooth as cumbersome as possible, as if it is not enough that it is a disappointing device by itself but that workarounds to make it less disappointing should be discouraged. I'm sure that is not how it works, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

    Anyway. I've given up and am going to buy a Mac Book Air. Just cutting my losses (money spent on the device, external keyboard and mouse to replace the malfunctioning keyboard lid, the WiFi/Bluetooth dongle and over 40 hours of frustrated trouble shooting and reading forums like this). Enough is enough.

    My integrity does not allow me to sell the Venue Pro on the second hand market because you shouldn't sell stuff that is defective and can't be fixed. I wish Dell felt the same way, because they are still selling Venue Pros, although for a much lower price than I got mine. Well...don't get me started about Dell's integrity. Best of luck to those of you who are still waiting and hoping for a solution.

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  • To transfer data over your Venue's USB combo-port, you need a USB OTG" (on-the-go) adapter. In the scenario you described you would need to 1st put file(s) to transfer on a USB stick. However, you might have encountered a known Venue WiFi bug & may be able to recover your WiFi when you're in vicinity of same router you were last connected to... In that location, boot normally from a completely shut-down state (NOT Sleep). if your previous connection isn't restablished or you can't turn on WiFi thru Charms, go to Network Control Panel & diagnose/repair the connection; hopefully, this will fix... (might say it couldn't... even tho it actually did...)

    I'm sure you'll find many future uses for an OTG adapter; I recommend ordering thru Dell so you're certain of getting the right item: Part#  A7223619 (shipping is free for "Member Advantage" customers).

  • Don't bother. The driver update doesn't fix the issue.  Your best bet is to return the thing.  There are some serious quality control issues at Dell regarding this tablet.

  • @jdm5000: Seems like a lotta work to create an account so you could make one rude post...

    Hope you'll stick-around, and offer something useful in the future!

  • Actually He is right.

    So many issues with Dell tablets. And do you know how many i sent to depot to fix? Every 3rd tablet. and 70% come back Defective anyway.

    I don't Know what these guys doing but they are unable to fix issues with the talets

  • I am also experiencing the same problem. I have now called Dell support four times now and they have made me update the BIOS, update drivers, reinstall drivers, and (now) wipe the computer and reinstall the operating system.  Each time I have been told "And this will fix your problem".  Each time it has NOT fixed the problem. I have no hope for the last "solution" offered. I don't know what it will take for them to at least admit that there might be a hardware issue here. 

    It is an established glitch and so far there seems to not be any way to fix it permanently. Your best bet at a temporary fix is to restart the computer from shut-down or find the device in control panel --> view network status and tasks --> troubleshoot problems --> network adapter --> all adapters (it appears to affect BOTH bluetooth and wireless ). I will let you know if my operating system refresh has any effect, however. 



    If you still experiencing problem with it. Please follow these steps  and don't listen to Dell technician ( they don;t know anything) 

    do this:

    1. On the Start menu, swipe down to All Applications

    2. Scroll all the way right and tap Control Panel

    3. When Control Panel appears on the desktop, search for Windows Update by typing in the search boxand tap it

    4. On the left pane there will be an option for View Installed Updates. Tap it.

    5. Find Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2887595) and tap it, then tap Uninstall. If you also have update KB2903939, don’t restart yet. Otherwise, skip to step 7.

    6. Find Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2903939) and tap it, then tap Uninstall.

    7. Restart.

    TIP: After uninstalling these updates, you can go back to Windows Update via the method below, scan for updates, then right-click the updates and select Hide this Update so Windows doesn’t repeatedly try to reinstall it.

  • Just did this and it worked perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to write up these steps, I had the second update you referred to as well and so had to unistall both. Upon restarting the tablet it immediately allowed me to turn on wifi. Don't know if this is related or not, but we had put it airplane mode today while flying home. When we got home it wouldn't recognize the network or allow wifi to be turned on. Anyway thanks again!
  • Mallons26 hit it right on the head.  I did exactly what he posted and my internet came right back up on my Dell Venue Pro.

    Thank you Mallons26

  • I had that issue after I updated the WiFi driver. I ended up going into Windows Device Manager in Control Panel and disabled and then re-enable the wireless adapter. That work for a day, then I rolled back the driver. So far so good.
  • Thank You!! This worked!

  • I have no idea how you figured this out, but it worked for me.  Thanks so much for this simple solution which I'm sure would have caused me lots of grief without it.

  • Hi Sean, Here is how to correct the issue: 1/ go to "Device Manager" 2/ Under "Network adapter" you will find "Dell Wireless 1538 802 11 a/g/n Adapter", 3/ Right click on "Dell Wireless 1538 802 11 a/g/n Adapter", then click on " Disable" 4/ Right click on "Dell Wireless 1538 802 11 a/g/n Adapter" again, this time click on " Enable" This will reactivate the wireless adapter again. Good luck!
  • Unfortunately this does not fix my problem with the Driver. For me it mostly crashes when I'm watching HD videos or on online services for prolonged periods which I need to be as I use it as a computer while my Other is gaming in full screen. I have a google chromecast I like to be able to send HD video to my hd screen so kinda important to me

    I have tried doing a fresh install, uninstalling and re-installing the updates, rolling back the wifi driver to a previous version. It's saddening that this is the only problem I have with this tablet. Everything else works fine other then the crashing wifi

    I really want to avoid sending my tablet off to Dell to wait weeks for the problem may not actually get fixed as this seems to be a software issue more then a hardware so would rather fix it myself once I can figure out what's actually causing the driver to crash

  • Thank you so much! This worked beautifully!!!
  • Another satisfied customer.  Your kung-fu is strong.