how do you PXE boot a Venue 8 or 11 Pro??

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how do you PXE boot a Venue 8 or 11 Pro??

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Seriously, I can't believe I have to come to dell support forums to try and get an answer to this. Dell has been scratching their heads transferring me in circles for over 2 hours.

All I want to do is PXE boot a Venue 11 tablet that we are trying out before buying several hundred of them. We are using WDS running on Server 2012.

I have confirmed that secure boot is off, UEFI PXE support has been enabled in the BIOS. I have updated the BIOS to the latest A04 version, but when booting up and pressing F12 I do not get any message to boot to the Dell branded USB to Ethernet dongle (part number TXXF8)

Our sales team has no idea how to get an engineer on the phone it seems, and I have tried calling technical support at the request of my sales team and tech support has no idea what I'm talking about when I mention PXE or pre execution booting. Can anyone assist?

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  • I have tested 2 of the 3 I ordered


    Are recognized and seem to attempt the PXE boot.  I haven't successfully done a PXE image yet, but I am 99% sure that is my issue, I am setting up a new PXE environment here at work to test and will keep you updated.

    I haven't tested this one yet: will update you when I do.

    Lets us know any updates or tips you have for the imaging of the Venue 8's,  such as what tools you are using etc.  Thanks!!!!

  • Any updates on the imaging guide?  The adapters I bought are recognized, I am just not having luck setting up the PXE and booting into it.  

  • It is planned to be completed by Monday.   Here are a few pointers from it to get you started hopefully...

    Flash to the latest BIOS first.

    Venue 11 Pro 5130 supports PXE network booting for connection to install and deployment servers. It is recommended to use the network capabilities of the docking unit to provide PXE boot and network support for the system. Venue 11 Pro will only boot 32 bit UEFI images. The PXE boot image provided by the PXE server must be a Winpe boot.wim that can boot in UEFI mode. 

    Before the system can PXE boot, the UEFI network stack must be enabled in BIOS.

    Enter BIOS setup

    Use the arrow keys and highlight “Advanced Boot Options”

    Click the check box “Enable UEFI Network Stack”

    Press the Apply button and exit BIOS setup.

    To PXE boot the system, make the necessary USB and network connections then power up the system.

    As soon as the Dell splash screen is displayed, press the F12 to bring up the one-time boot selection menu.

    Use the arrow keys to highlight “EUFI: IP4 ASIX AX88772B/C USB Fast Ethernet Controller” then press Enter.

  • We have successfully PXE booted and imaged using our MDT server with the ASIX adapters we purchased from New Egg and Amazon.  Disable secure boot, Enable legacy option roms and change boot list option up boot sequence to Legacy.  Some adapters show up as USB Flash Drives and other show up as a USB nic.  Le me know if I can be of any assistance.



  • I am trying to image this tablet as well.  Based on Jeremy's info, I have been able to get into windows PE, but can't seem to nail down the exact driver I need to inject in order to get the NIC on the DELL dock to work.  It is listed as "ASIX AX88772B/C USB Fast Ethernet Controller" earlier in the thread as well as on the pxe screen.  But the NIC isn't working with the driver from ASIX injected.  Any idea what driver I need?

  • Just got the Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 in for testing. PXE boot seem work with the dock. This one has BIOS version A05. Make sure Secure Boot is disabled and set Advanced Boot Options to enable legacy option ROM. Also check boot sequence to have onboard NIC check. This tablet doesn't have onboard NIC but it sees the dock's NIC as onboard NIC. Boot list option = legacy.

    Next step for me is to find drivers for the pxe image because usb keyboard and mouse don't seem to work once the pxe imaged is loaded into RAM.

    We also want to load Windows 7 64bit on this thing. It will be a stretch but we will see.

    Hope this answer your questions.

  • Since Dell is watching this page

    Will this work on the Venue 8 Pro,will Dell allow USB boot without power, will Dell allow boot without UEFI also

  • How do you get into the BIOS setup?  Power and volume only gets me to the diagnostic screen and there is no option to do anything but test.  I have the dock on my Pro 11 and none of the Function keys get me anywhere like I would expect.  Thanks!

  • Shut it down. Hit the power button. Wait for the Dell logo and hit the up volume button.

  • Do not hold the volume up when you power the device on, Press it after the device vibrates and it will take you to the boot menu.

  • Thanks for the info! 

  • Hi

    Any news on the deployment guide?

  • Ditto. Encountered this problem and ordered the necessary dongles. 

  • Brian,

    In my BIOS I do not have the option to enable "UEFI network stack". Because of this I called dell and they sent me another unit. This unit does not have this option either.....I am unable to boot into PXE

  • The deployment guide was sent out for final review today.   I'll post a link as soon as the responsible team publishes it to