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Dell Venue 8 Pro Touch Sensitivity

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I bought two Dell Venue 8 Pro two weeks ago. I notice that sometimes when I type on the screen, the touch input get triggered multiple times... After doing some more testing, I realized that the issue was because my finger was close to the screen, but not fully touch or rest on the screen. The device seems to pick up touch input even if a small tip of my finger touch the screen a few milliseconds, which is a bit annoying when typing or browsing. This ends up with characters get hit multiple times randomly, or the browser suddenly zooms out because the device though it was double-click. I never have any issue like this on my smartphones or the surface RT.

I believe this is a firmware issue or a touch sensitivity issue since it happens on both of my devices. I did multiple factory reset and change "Pen and Touch" setting in control panel. But the issue is still exist. Does this happen to anyone else?


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  • My venue 8 pro is much improved after I reset the touch calibration data.

    Thanks for report Smile and hope that dell get some release soon.

  • Ttyped on Dell Venue. Autocorrect off.

    I bought a first unit on Aamazon that had the saaaaame sensssitivity issue. Reeeturnedddd the unit and received a new one yesterday. Typing on this second unit after performing ttouch screen ddriver update aand screen calibration. Obviiouslly it does not work for me. Suddeeen zooming during Web browsing is super annoying. After calibrrrating the toucch screen for touch input, i lost the charms bar but it dddid not eliminate the zooming issue either. After resetting the ccalibration data, the charms bar worked again but I am back with the screen sensitivity issue. I aalso noticed that activating tthe Filter Keys ((Settings/PC Settings/Ease of Access/ Keyboard) does not solve the problem either. In fact, when activated, the Windows button does not work anymore. Very ddiissappointed. The tablet is going back to Amazon for good.

  • I've followed the same process and had some improvements but aaaalso some setbacks. When typing, although the multi hits is now a little better, I now have to hit the text in the  predictive text box several times before it accepts the input rendering predictive text almost unusable. Come on Synaptic/Dell there are dozens of tablets using the same technology that don't sufffer from this IRRITATING problem. you're in danger off  blowing away all of the initial goodwill tttthere is surrounding this tablet. It won't be easy to win us back if you loose us!!!!!!  

  • I too have this issue with the V8P and after updating the driver and calibration it still persists. I called Dell tech support and the good news is they had a prepared response regarding the touchscreen sensitivity issue specifically. They are working on an update that is going to resolve it to be released in the very near future. This is the only thing holding the tablet back, once it's fixed this thing will be absolutely perfect. By far the coolest piece of tech I own, and I own a LOT of tech. 

  • This is good news!

    BTW, warning for all those who would like to try the calibration method. I calibrated, and it fubared my touchscreen. I would touch in one place and it would register somewhere completely different. I tried to reset calibration, but couldn't due to misdirected touch. Once the tablet went to locked screen, it was over. I couldn't even get into Win 8 anymore. Called tech support - there's no hard reset (only accessible through Win 8) and since I couldn't navigate Windows, they said the only thing they could do was replace the tablet. I had to order a USB OTG cable so that I could connect a mouse. Once that came in (3 days) it took me all of 5 minutes to restore everything back to normal.

    Bottom line, get a USB OTG cable now. They don't sell them in ANY stores (it's a $5 part for crying out loud)! I had to order mine and it seems to be an essential piece. I can't imagine why Dell didn't include one in the box. It would have cost them hardly anything and would have saved countless thousands in tech support hours.

  • I too have this issue, mainly with Internet Explorer.  I already tried 4 different devices, updated with the latest firmware / bios / windows update.  

    Very annoying when using the browser where it keep zooming in and out.  Call tech support and he suggested that I use a stylus.

    I have a Dell Venu 11 Pro on order back in early November that suppose to be delivered on 12/13/2013  but looks like it will be delayed as still showing as in production.  Stuck in limbo as I can't cancel this order either since already in production (for the past two weeks).  

    Was having higher expectation with Dell but soon will have to return the two Venue 8 Pro to Costco.  Probably the same with the Venue 11 Pro if it ever shows up this year at all.

  • Just did the calibration and it seems to have solved the over sensitive touch issue. As the above posts say - except, of course, you got to "save" the calibration settings if you want them to work. The random zooming in and out while browsing the net is pretty much gone, while sensitivity to touch seems fine.

  • Followup on my post above - while the calibration indeed seems to minimize the jumpy behavior when browsing, it has too many negative side effects: it affects my access to the charms (I can get I them only from a small section on the right end of the screen now), it messes up (disables) swipe-down-to-close gesture for closing apps, it disabled (often but not always) the ability to show the address bar in internet explorer by swiping up from the bottom (and instead I need to swipe down from above), ...

    I had to reset the calibration as the above were way too annoying. Instead, it seems a bit firmer contact with the screen when scrolling is the way to minimize unwanted zooming. Of course, none of this is an issue on my iPad mini that I'm using to type this (the battery on the Dell runs out before the day is over - not an all-day device at all, if you use it heavily for videos and Internet, even t half brightness). If the iPad had flash the Dell would be taking a trip back to the store shelf, as just about everything works better on the Apple (and I have a laptop PC for work and other "serious" stuff - the tabs are for entertainment at our home only).

  • I've spent a little time over the weekend playing with the calibration. I've experienced ALL of the negatives reported throughout this thread in the course of playing with this setting. I had already purchased an OnTheGo lead and had my mouse at the ready! So here's what I've found... 1. You MUST lock the screen rotation in landscape BEFORE you try anything otherwise the likelihood of hitting the mis-direction issue is high - and that's next to impossible to recover from without a mouse. 2. You MUST reset the calibration before you start recalibration. 3. You MUST be as accurate as you possibly can - use a stylus if you have big fingers - as even small inaccuracies lead to touch placement errors that limit the Charm swipe area. 4. You must save the calibration and then restart the tablet. If you can do these things the benefit is that I now have a tablet with all the proper swipe functions and very limited multi-hit typing (so the amount of multikey hits and website zooming is now minimal). I'd really recommend that you get an OnTheGo lead before you try this out just incase it goes t**s-up. Hope this helps - and Dell...get your finger out and find a proper solution to the default set-up. VERY, VERY disappointed at Dell's complete lack of participation on this matter. If you want to know how support should be done, get a Nokia Lumia phone and see how Nokia supports it. If Nokia did an 8" tablet, I'd be there like a shot.
  • I have spent hours trying to fix this problem to no avail. This is my first foray into the PC world and I am fixing to dump this POS and go get an IPad. Very very disappointed.

  • You should connect to Dell Customer Support like i did. they can actually connect to and control your Venue 8 Pro and fix the problem for you. they updated my BIOS, installed updates, and even started the calibration process for me @firephog

  • I was on the phone with them for over an hour.iccccouldddtt understand the guy but he accesseedddd my tablet aandd did stuff annnd obviously theeee problem persists.

  • Thanks a lot for the detailed instruction. It really helped with my erratic zooming issue with IE. I still have some multiple characters when I type so hopefully dell can fix that soon.

  • I tried to recalibrate, and I SAVED, as the first suggested NO to save, and the second recommendation was to SAVE.  People posting instructions should be clear and step by step careful.

    After I saved, the Touch is completely wacked out. I press one place I see the sensor resonse 5 inches away, and no way to log it.

    I called DELL support, while trying to be helpful, All they suggest is to reset the entire thing!!! The Refresh doesn't work as somehow the drive is Locked with BitLocker(which I never enabled any BitLocker function). So I try to retrieve the BitLocker Recovery Key in SkyDrive, which I didn't even sign up for anything Cloud(but noticed it is somewhat forced when you make a new MS account). So SkyDrive has 2 keys, and NEITHER work!!!!

    What a screw up on DELL's part. Which ever greed exec it was who said,"... lets not pay licensing for Wacom(or other tried and true dgitizer) and try to do this ourselves with Synaptic...", and release it before it is fully tested..... SHOULD be FIRED IMMEDIATELY /NO PAY!!   What a shame!

    This device is going back

  • what ius OnTheGo,? Google brings up a bunch of stuff!

    Be more clear of suggestions please. My tablet is bricked and support with DELL had me completely RESET the tablet.

    There should be a log file left of the apps installed and a App with options to create a backup of personal and User Account files on the SD card.

    With it potentially bricking like this, it is a must.