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Sync Tablet to Computer?

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I'm not sure at all if this is the right place for me to post.


We just got the Dell Tablet LATITUDE 10, and I would like to upload some files to the Tablet from our computer. I tried using a Micro-USB that we had for our last tablets, and while it fit there was no prompt to access the files. Did a quick search around the web and Dell and read that this Tablet can be used with Cloud and SkyDrive to do all that.


However, we don't have the cloud. Don't even really want it and have no plans to download or use anything extra like that. I wasn't able to find any other solutions to transferring files from the Tablet to the Computer, at least not on the website. All the ones listed are for syncing things using wireless applications or the cloud, which we don't want to do.


What is a manual way to sync these devices? Do I need a regular sized USB? Were working off a Dell Computer as well, so there's no issue with brands or anything. Would just like a simple, straight forward way to bring files from one device to the next.



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  • I hope that I can help.  Keep in mind that what you are really doing is moving files from one computer (PC) to another computer (tablet).  This can be done over a network connection (both computers on same network),  USB (copy files onto and then transfer to computer), Windows Easy Transfer ( a good program in both Windows 7 & 8 or the new SkyDrive App to the cloud (requires a Microsoft account).   Type Windows Easy Transfer in the search bar.  Follow the instructions.  You will need a Windows Easy Transfer cable (can purchase online under $20.00) plugs into full sized USB ports on both computers.  Again, follow the instructions closely.  What you are in effect doing is just copying the files from one computer to another.  You will have to install any programs that are needed from the pc to the tablet first.  Then, you will install the files on the new tablet computer.  The microsoft program instructions are pretty clear and if you look it up at they clearly explain the process.  I am doing the same thing on my Latitude 10 ST2 tablet from my home pc.  You can also check YouTube for a video on doing this too.