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Dell Venue 8 Pro Touch Issue

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Ok, I screwed up somewhere. I tried to re-calibrate my Venue and after the calibration the screen blinked and then I was not able to touch anywhere. I think something messed up with the re-calibration. I shut it down and restarted it and I cant even enter in the password using touch. I have no idea what to do now as there is no reset , no way to enter in the password to re-check the windows settings.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Your problem was likely rotating the Venue during calibration.  I did and had the exact same problem as you.  It's registering touches but they are nowhere close to what you intend.  If you calibrate be sure to lock the screen rotation before starting.

    You will need to do a full factory reset.  Here's the method that worked for me:

    This what to do. Boot up. Then hold the power key the screen will come up half way say to slide down to shutdown. Don't do that just hold the power button until the screen goes black. Then wait a few seconds and the power up again. When it boots again hit and  hold the power button again and don't slide the screen down. The screen will go black. Again wait a few seconds then hit power button again. This time when the dell screen comes on you should see please wait. Then a blue screen will come up with Recovery at top go the troubleshoot then Reset and you it will reload the windows 8 and it should be all right.

  • Thanks for the reply and I was afraid that I would have to reset and start over again. So I continued to hunt for an easy way to fix this and found it. 

    I purchased a USB otg cable ($5.99) and  a cheap wireless keyboard and mouse combo ($14.99). I plugged the USB otg cable in the micro USB connector along with the wireless keyboard and mouse combo. And I was able to use the keyboard to type in my password and the mouse to get back to settings. 

    In settings I had to turn back on touchscreen and from there all was fine. I will be hanging on to this stuff just in case. 

    Thanks again .. and hope this will help others. 

  • I'm glad you found a way to get back going that didn't involve a factory reset.  I ordered an OTG cable a month ago but it's coming from China and I still haven't received it.  Screwing up calibration seems to be a common problem and Dell/Windows doesn't have enough warnings about not rotating the screen during calibration.  Actually, screen rotation should be disabled by default when you choose to calibrate.

    You say that turned touchscreen back on.  That doesn't sound like the same problem as when calibration is screwed up.  Touchscreen works in that case but the touch location is totally whacked.  You may touch the lower left corner and it registers as a touch in the upper right.  It's difficult to operate a touchscreen or keyboard like that. :-)

  • For some reason after the calibration (and I will admit I rotated the screen) it set it self up as a non-touch screen. I first tried to reset it and it didnt work. So above the calibration was an option to Configure your pen and Touch display. After I hit that the screen said touch if a touch screen and it worked after that. 

    As for the USB otg cable you can get it from Fry's electronics. We have one located by us and they had dozens of them there.