Dell Tablet Wireless Keyboard not working with Dell Venue Pro 8

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Dell Tablet Wireless Keyboard not working with Dell Venue Pro 8

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I bought my wife a Dell Venue Pro 8 for Christmas and the Dell Tablet Wireless Keyboard.   The keyboard was delayed until after Christmas and just arrived but we're having problems getting it to work.  We successfully paired it and the volume controls and brightness keys work fine but if none of the rest of the keys work.  The tablet clicks w  I also nothen you hit them but no letters appear in Word or IE's address bar.

Did we get a defective keyboard?


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  • If you purchased Dell Part# : 460-BBHL — you have the correct keyboard for the Venue 8 Pro. It requires an initial Bluetooth "pairing" to your tablet...


  • Hi Lou,

    Thanks for taking the time to reply but as I mentioned, we had no issues pairing it and some of the keys worked (volume and brightness controls).

    I did find the solution to the problem which was to update the BIOS.  Looks like the unit shipped in December with the original A01 BIOS.  We ran one of the Dell utilities that came with the tablet which updated it to A03 after which the wireless keyboard worked fine.

    Thanks for trying to help!


  • @ HerronScott: I hoped that re-pairing might help (worked for me w/ another brand of keyboard). I think that you found a more robust solution. I purchased 2 V8 tabs in mid-Dec. — they both included the A01 BIOS. By then, the Dell website had BIOS version A04 posted; never got to try my luck with A03.

    Nevertheless, I have mostly stopped using my own Bt keyboard because it also lacks a trackpad, and I found that frequently reaching over or around it to get to the touch screen was making it harder for me to do the scroll, click and drag stuff; how has that worked-out for you?

  • I had the same issue.  It took a while to figure out but if you go to charm bar -> settings -> Change PC Settings -> Ease of Access -> Keyboard and turn off "Filter Keys" it will allow the keystrokes to register on the system.  It's a weird setting but that's what seems to cause the Bluetooth keyboard to sometimes fail to register a keypress, unless you hold it down for 3 seconds when it temporarily overrides the setting.

  • I had as issue with that setting too.  I thought it would fix the repeating key problem, so I turned it on.  The Tablet was synced to my desktop, so it turned in on there too.  I wasted a lot of time researching why my desktop keyboard stopped working Angry  Saved by Google Smile

  • THANK YOU RIKEO-  Perfect solution.  I appreciate your sharing it.

  • Thank you for the information Updated Bios and turned off filter keys problem fixed
  • Likewise. This is the only place I could find the answER  TURN OFF FILTER  KEYS IN EASE OF ACCESS Now works well both usb and bluetooth. Only issue still a mystery is sometimes if I shut down and restart tablet with BT keyboard still connected I get no keyboard at all, but d not know exact cause. Solution seems to be do not install updates etc. with BT Keyboard and mouse connected

  • Thank you for posting this fix.  It was a life saver.  I'm testing the tablet for work and was out of the Country so was a real problem!!  Thx 

  • Thank you so much, I've tried all sorts to get the keyboard working again. Exactly as you describe, Filter Keys was switch on, switched it off & now all working OK!


  • Way to go RIKEO!

  • We have a dell tablet venue pro 8 with keyboard.  we got it a little over a year ago.  at that time everything worked.  now we changed the dead batteries on the keyboard and now keyboard doesn't work.  I can't for the life of me remember how to pair up the keyboard with the tablet.  I looked in pc settings for a Bluetooth option but there doesn't seem to be one.  there must be one somewhere because we have used the keyboard with the tablet.  HELP! 

  • Per the user guide:

    Press the Bluetooth button [top button on right side of keyboard] for 3 seconds

    Pair the keyboard

    1.  In the Charms sidebar, tap Settings, Change PC settings, PC and devices, Bluetooth, Add a device.

    2.  Tap the keyboard name from the list.

    3.  Follow the instructions on the screen.