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Venue 8 pro Active stylus

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I bought the venue 8 pro 8 and its stylus direct from dell. I was given estimated delivery dates about  2 weeks apart which was tolerable. The venue 8 pro turned up on the estimated date of delivery and then yesterday 8th Jan14, 5 days before the estimated delivery date of the stylus dell email me that they cannot meet the delivery date and is now estimated to arrive on 6th March 14. I am disgusted! Has anyone else had this sort of poor service? I wonder how they can get away with it. I have bought the tablet and stylus in faith that it would arrive close to the original estimated delivery date.

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  • I have run into the same delays so I cancelled my stylus order with Dell and started watching EBAY.  I lucked out and found a stylus someone was selling who had returned their Venue 11.  The stylus works fine - I am relieved about that - given some of the negative reviews.  I'd suggest watching EBAY everyday - you might get lucky.

  • As of Jan 12, the Active Stylus for Venue tablets is no-longer available for sale from Dell's website:

    "The product you have selected is not currently available for online purchase..."


    "We're sorry, this item has sold out."

    I've been waiting a month, for a replacement stylus pen; this notice has an ominous smell to it. The lack of consistient info about what corrective actions — and with no time frame — for addressing the Active Stylus problems also "stinks!" 

    For many of us, the availability of a functional Active Stylus made a critical difference in selecting a Venue Pro Tablet; I'm now feeling very let-down since the full dimensions of this unfolding, unraveling drama only became apparent after  the penalty-free return window has closed for my Venue tablet purchase!






  • " might get lucky." Or, you more-likely will get one of the early, defective-design pens...

  • I went through the eternal backorder thing too--I even got notice that dell shipped it, but it was never picked up from FedEx--after being doubled charged, my dear hubby got on the phone, and we mysteriously got a 1st Class Mailer with the case and stylus that was promised... However, be thankful you haven't received your stylus because it is a big flop!  I posted a separate post about the stylus.


  • I just saw the stylus back in the accessories page and ordered one.  Estimated delivery date is 3/20/2014.


  • I think everyone is getting the same estimated delivery date right now. I ordered mine last week as well, and that's the estimated D.O.D. I got.

    I certainly hope this revision of stylus resolves the issues with battery life, mis-clicks, and slippery nibs ( that was the problem with my original one ).

  • I'm hoping that this is a good sign of a redesigned stylus coming out in March. As have many, I was told that the wacom stylus would work, and am now having to go through the process of getting a return authorization.

  • I called in about the stylus about a month ago, they promised a replacement, just got one today although it appears it's the original stylus for the Dell XPS 11 but it works on the Venue 8 Pro. However one post I read elsewhere says it still has battery life issues which was my problem with the Venue 8 Pro original stylus. When it worked, it worked great but wouldn't last more than a couple days of fairly light use. It appears if you keep the pen away from the tablet, the pen lasts much longer, if you keep it on the stylus holder, that is what appears to drain the stylus battery.