Venue 11 Pro dock HDMI to DVI problem

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Venue 11 Pro dock HDMI to DVI problem

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I recently just got the tablet dock hooked up to the dock and an external monitor through HDMI on the dock and HDMI-to-DVI converter to the monitor.  The resolution on the display setting in Windows shows the correct resolution.  However, on the actual monitor, there's about an inch of unused screen real estate and a purple vertical line where the screen stop working.  I've tried on two different monitor with different default resolution (1680x1050 & 1920x1200) and both have the same problem.  Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it?  Using the Dell's 40-pin to HDMI to DVI works fine.  So, it seems like there's something wrong with the dock itself.

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  • Yes!  I am having the exact same problem so it is good to hear that there is someone else out there.  I don't believe that there are too many people using the dock with the baytrail DVP11 yet so maybe not too many reports of it.

    In my case there is about 1/3 of the screen as blank space and then the purple line and the actual display (squished).  I also cannot get the DisplayPort to work at all.  Hooking up to HDMI monitor appears to work OK but my monitor is only DVI :-(

    Here is my thread on another board (no responses:

    I hope I can get the video to work properly - other than that I love this dock.

  • This sounds like a scaling issue potentially, although I'm not sure since you say it works fine with the 40 pin adapter.

    Is your external monitor capable of supporting a 16x9 resolution?  (1920x1080, 1280x720)?    The LCD on this tablet is FHD 16x9, so if you are outputting to an external monitor that is a 16x10 or other scaling, you might get artifacts or black bars on the edge of the screen.   

    Can you try using the external monitor in Second screen only mode and see if you still have the same problem or not?

  • Yes, the external monitor can support 16x9.  It just have a black bar at the top and bottom.  But the width is always full screen.  This doesn't explain the vertical black bar.  If it's outputting 16x9, it would have black bar at the top and bottom, not the left.  Also, what's weird is the purple line between the black bar and the rest of the screen.  One other thing to note is that, the Image looks like it's squished width wise.  It's as if it takes a 16x10 resolution and make it into a 4x3 or something like that.

    I've tried using external monitor in Second screen only mode as well as duplicate and extended.  All have the same problem.

  • Brian - thanks for taking a look at this.

    My monitor is 1920x1080 and is being detected perfectly by the OS when it is hooked up (model, resolution, etc.).  But it is having the same problem.  I have also tried a combination of mirror, extended and second screen only.  I have also tried different HDMI to DVI adapters.

    Interestingly, when I try two different DELL monitors at work with HDMI > DVI (1680x1050 and 1920x1200) all I get is a black screen (I don't even get the corrupted image noted in this thread).

    It does work for me if I output from the HDMI port on the dock to an HDMI input on another monitor.  However, I don't get anything when I use the DP output on the dock.

    Do you have access to an HDMI > DVI adapter to try this out?

  • Haven't forgotten about you guys.   I'm still trying to get my hands on some additional high end monitors to test.   Will post more info when I can get them.

  • Thanks for the update...

  • Hi Brian, I am having the same issue with he docking station for the Venue 11 Pro. Somehow i can't get any image on my external monitors. I am using a HDMI to DVI and/or a Display Port to DVI converter. Windows does reconize the screens as I can see the model name in the settings but the display stays black. When I connect the docking station to my television via a HDMI cable it does work. Could you please have a look at this. This functionality needs to work flawless otherwise we can't deploy the Venue in our company. Regards, Benno
  • I am having the blank screen issue while trying to connect to a pair of Dell P2012H monitors. Tried connecting one through both the HDMI to DVI and Displayport to DVI adapters. Both methods show the monitor in my settings, but only display as "generic PNP monitor."

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Seems like the common theme is that we're converting HDMI or DisplayPort to DVI.  Is this a hardware issue with the dock or is it fixable with software?

  • Just got off a 2 hour support call with Dell. They finally told me that going from the dock to the monitor has to be directly Displayport to Displayport or HDMI to HDMI. So, I guess I am buying new monitors.
  • taxman1985
    Just got off a 2 hour support call with Dell. They finally told me that going from the dock to the monitor has to be directly Displayport to Displayport or HDMI to HDMI. So, I guess I am buying new monitors.

    That to me is an unacceptable answer.  There are still plenty of monitors that have DVI only that are still very good.  I have a very nice 1920x1200 IPS 24" monitor that I would like to use.  To upgrade to a new monitor with similar quality and have HDMI/DisplayPort would cost be well over $300.

  • I absolutely agree with you. We just got our initial two test Venue 11 Pros hooked up on the dock to an external monitor via HDMI to DVI, only to find that the external display is blank 100% of the time as others on here have posted. This is really a pretty much unacceptable design choice, and basically makes the dock all but worthless in our environment (where we've recently deployed dual Dell E2313H/E2314H for hundreds of users). 

  • Never mind folks - found the issue, I believe. If your monitor's DVI input is HDCP compliant, you're good to go. Our first two monitors we tested were a Viewsonic VA2231wm and an NEC AS231WM - neither worked. I then tested a new Dell E2314H, which is our company's standard monitor - worked like a charm. I checked the differences between the monitors, and found the first two are NOT HDCP compliant, while the Dell is. Our previous standard E2210H, E2313H monitors are also HDCP compliant. 

    So yes, this is a bummer when your monitor is a nice IPS 24" that does not have an HDCP compliant DVI port. 

  • We are using Dell P2012H monitors. They say they are HDCP compliant. Definitely not working through either type of adapter. So, there must be some other factor in there as well. 

  • Are you running dual monitor setups through the dock with the E2313H? If so, which adapter are you using that is working for both screens?