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Dell Venue 8 Pro WiFi Issue

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it seems either way I disable the Wi Fi by the 'switch' itself or 'Airplane' mode it is a pain to get it on and have to manually 'disable the entire WiFi and then enable it joggin the WiFi off and on til it seems to catch on I am trying to turn it back on. I am only trying to turn it off to save battery right now but is this normal? Will a fix be forth coming because i'ts a pain right now.

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  • I have contacted Dell support. They believe it is a faulty network adapter, and are sending a replacement.

  • Venue-Pro-user,

    Mixed personal should be ok. I should have suggested that when changing the security, make a new SSID to make connecting easier.


    Sorry to hear about the faulty adapter. Glad Dell is sending a replacement.



    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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  • All of the problems described here are also happening on the Venue 11 Pro. If the tablet is left unused for a few hours, the wireless goes to sleep and won't wake up. This happens even if the tablet Power Management Sleep setting is Never, and happens whether or not the unit is plugged in. Usually toggling Wireless off and on using the charm will fix it. But today I had to go into Control Panel and disable/enable the wireless network adapter to get it to wake up.

    This is similar to a problem that Dell machines used to have with the wireless power plan settings. However, on this tablet the driver software seems to be incomplete as it does not have wireless power plan settings. I don't think it is a defective adapter, I think it is defective software.

  • At this point I have tried everything (updates, swapping unit) and all points toward NOT a Hardware issue but Software issue. It is sad to see that company like Dell has decided to ignore a fix. Not a choice left but to finally to return the unit for all and move ahead... sorry Dell you lost a customer.

  • I have this issue as well.  The WiFi adapter turns completely off when my Venue 8 Pro sleeps and there are no power settings exposed in the current driver for me to modify.  I can see it dropping off my access point when it sleeps.  Driver issue...

  • Hi all,

    My WiFi adapter also was not working so I went into device manager then properties of the network adapter. Updated the driver by browsing to the drivers folder on C and even though it said Windows has determined you are already using the best driver, clicked close then I noticed device manager refreshed and no more errors in device manager, then my WiFi reconnected... I know this sounds absurd, but it worked for me. Good luck to y'all!  

  • Have you guys installed the new driver package    Intel_Chipset_WW48_PR5.1_A03_ZPE.  I recommend installing it and see if you're WiFi is fixed, my WiFi seems to be working now after installation. I hope this helps.

  • Already installed Intel_Chipset_WW48_PR5.1_A03_ZPE and issue still the same. Please confirm that once it is in sleep mode for some time that your wifi still stays connected or it shows "limited"?

  • Replacement tablet was delivered today. We'll see how it goes.

  • Yes, the issue is coming out of sleep.  Are you connected instantly or does it take a couple seconds to connect?


    We need the tablets to switch to low power wifi mode so that connection remains active

    (so we can fast resume and not be disconnected from network apps...)

  • On the Venue 11 Pro (which has the same wifi adapter and same driver as the Venue 8 Pro, and the same wifi problems) I found that installing the A04 BIOS update somewhat improved the wifi stability. Instead of wifi going into a coma three times a day, now it happens only once a day. Well, that's progress anyway. I don't know if the A04 BIOS is compatible with the Venue 8 Pro, however.

    One of the Dell guys has written a post where he suggests there is a new version of the wifi driver in the works. Maybe this will fix it.

  • Hopefully it is released soon! Already replaced the unit and have installed all updates and problem continues.

  • A driver change/update is what we need.

  • I know it seems somewhat obvious now (looking at the last several comments), but I can confirm that this is not a hardware issue (at least in my situation). The replacement tablet I received from Dell yesterday is exhibiting the same problem with Wi-Fi. I can be actively using my tablet, and the wireless will just cut out without warning.

  • I'm no longer losing WiFi, all I did is update the network driver from dell then the other new driver package from dell I posted earlier, may be I just got lucky cause its working fine now.