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Dell Venue 8 Case

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Hey everyone, just wanted to know if anyone knows whether the dimensions on the Dell Venue 8 (Android) and the Dell Venue 8 Pro (Windows) are the same. I'm interested in buying the case Dell sells for the Dell Venue 8 Pro but i'm not sure if it will fit correctly on the Dell Venue 8 (Android) I have. If anyone knows, please let me know, thank you. 

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  • While the dimensions may be similar, the cameras, sensors and controls are all mounted in different locations, so the case will not fit well.

    Amazon has a couple of very nice cases for the Android version.

  • Just spoke with Dell when the order for the Targus case that was ordered with my Venue 8 (Last Month!) ended up being cancelled due to "lack of supply".  While gettting a new Dell branded case ordered, it became very clear that the Venue 8 case and the Venue 8 Pro case are significally different due to additional/different ports and also placement of said ports. Definitely want to order the case that is designed specifically for your tablet.  Just like phone cases, 2 models may have similar or even same outside dimensions but placement of cutouts is very important for a good overall fit and experience.