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Bluetooth Keyboard for Venue 8 Pro

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Not happy with the keyboard that dell is selling for the venue 8 pro.  Not incorporated in to the folio and does not effectively cover.  Am returning.  Anyone tried using a Microsoft Type 2 Cover/Keyboard for the venue 8 pro?  I am looking for a decent quality keyboard that will be held in place and can fold over the device.  Just like what Dell offers for the Venue 11.  Any ideas other than the type 2 cover that you have found works? 

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  • I'm using a Logitech Tablet keyboard and it works great.  It's a little bigger than the cover/keyboard.  I wanted a full size keyboard because I am a writer and all the keys are in the right places on this KB.  I also picked up an Adesso b/t mouse, so I'm in business.