Venue 8 pro display to HDTV and external monitor options

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Venue 8 pro display to HDTV and external monitor options

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I understand that Miracast is the recommended way to output the image to a larger screen. However, the technology is rather new, still has some issues, and the miracst adapters are a bit expensive.

Can anybody confirm/deny that the following alternative methods work:

1) connecting a micro usb to hdmi adapter to the venue 8 pro and then connecting a standard hdmi cable from the adapter to the hdtv. I have spare hdmi cables, the microUSB to hdmi adapter is cheap, and i am willing to use a wired connection.

2) the Play To Xbox 360 service, with the venue 8 pro transmitting wirelessly to an xbox that is connected to a tv (by an hdmi cable)

3) a wired connection to a monitor, perhaps using a micro usb to dvi/vga adapter.  I understand that docks work, but the Pluggable one I've seen demonstrated runs $129, which is a bit steep.

I understand that any connection that involves a wire plugged into the micro usb slot invalidates the ability to charge the tablet. This may be part of the reason that Dell is  recommending miracast as the preferred screen output method.

Can anybody confirm whether solutions 1, 2, or 3 work for the venue 8 pro--or suggest another inexpensive and simple solution that I may have left out (even if it uses wires)?


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  • i'm interested too if anyone knows  just on vga  to projector for presentations     thanks  stefano