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Venue 8 Pro Connected Standby

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Once my venue 8 pro goes into standby, it never completely reconnects to the WiFi network when turn it back on. It only connects with limited connectivity. To get full connectivity, I need to disconnect, then reconnect - then every thing works fine until the next time it goes into standby. Any ideas??

The dell software and Microsoft software it up to date.

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  • Bringing this backup to the top of the forum. Is anyone else having problems with connected standby?? After the device has been in standby for a few hours, it reconnects with limited connectivity. To get internet, I have to disconnect, then reconnect to the WiFi network. Thoughts??

  • Bump.  I have the same problem where the Wifi connectivity will become 'limited'.  I have to disconnect and reconnect.  I have 2 routers broadcasting on 3 SSID and it's doing that on all 3 -- tried different parameters in the router, same results.


    I'm using the 10/23/2013 drivers that's on the site right now.


    And I have another colleague that has the same problem.  The touch input and intel updates were great -- only Wifi's remaining as a problem now, but it's an otherwise awesome device / form factor ... need wifi!!


  • Received a 2nd tablet that I ordered for my wife -- same problem.  I haven't updated any drivers on that one but the same behavior's occurring.  My first tablet's fully updated on all drivers.


    I see some other instances of that problem in forums -- I hope we'll get some answers from Dell.

  • I upgraded my wifi drivers and connected standby appears to be working better.  Only once this week has the device been stuck with a limited connection.