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Dell Active Stylus (Synaptic)

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Does anyone have any insight on the Synaptic stylus being included with the new Venue 11 Pro? Will it be any good for digital art or is it exclusively for navigation and note taking? Does it have palm rejection? How many levels of sensitivity does it have? P.S. I'm also looking at the new Dell XPS 11 and I believe it also uses the Synaptic stylus so the question applies to it as well.

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  • . From what I have seen, there is palm detection, but I have only seen one report that says 252 levels of sensitivity. Apparently there is a high curve tolerance for writing. I have hopes that it will make an adequate drawing pen, but it won't be near the Samsung Note 8. I am still leaning towards this because of the full OS.

  • should have said 256 levels. Here is a link with more details.




  • Just to add to this - I would like to know if it will support pressure sensitivity in programs like Photoshop or just in Windows 8 start-screen apps.

  • I have it and can asnwer re some things:

    1- It works very well for art. MS FreshPaint and Sketchbook work flawlessly. Wacom's Bamboo Paper app is pretty terrible for some reason. It does some kind of predictive smoothing and it's just not very accurate. 

    2- Yes, palm rejection works, but you have to kind of lead with the pen, not your wrist. Otherwise what happens is your wrist hits before the pen gets close enough and you get a mark under your palm before the palm rejection kicks in. It's not a huge deal, just have to get used to it.

    3- 256 levels

    4- I don't know about desktop PS.