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Dell Streak 7 - Wont charge

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I bought a Dell Streak 7 when I was in the U.S. on holiday for about six months ago and now it has stopped charging!

I have tried to email the support in USA with the response to call 1-800-308-3355 but I cant get through. Then I sent another mail explaining that I rather have email support but without response.

Then I called the Dell office here in Sweden and they told me to call 08-44444-3244 because they don't support it from here and yet once again I get an invalid number!

Now I am sitting here with my broken Dell Streak 7 that wont charge and it feels like I am left alone in the cold!!

What I am suppose to do?

Thanks for reading!

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  • Are you charging with the original wall charger (AC charger), or are you plugging it into your USB port in your computer to charge? The DS7 will only charge through the AC charger, it will not charge if you plug it into your USB port.

  • Hello!

    I am well aware of that the Streak 7 wont charge via usb! To bad that the issue is properly the port itself =(

  • Hello!

    I bought my Streak 7 like few days ago. When I got my dell it was brand new.


    My dell streak 7 having many issues:

    1. the battery's life is only like about 2 hours.

    2.For the most time, my dell streak 7 won't turn on

    3.sometimes it just shut down by it self, and i can' t turn back on.

    4. when i plug my charge to the wall and streak 7,for the most time there is nothing happened, the light is off.

    5.Even something wrong with my screen too.

    6.and the wifi, I can't even connect the wifi from my own home.


     My dell was working is morning like about only half hour, and it just shut down by it self, it won't turn on again. I am tired of my dell streak 7 now. What can I do now, someone please help me.


  • I have been using my ds7 since August and have never experience any of the items you mentioned. It is true that the battery life is not good, but it should last 8 hours on moderate use. Constant use without going to sleep mode will be around 3 hours. If you are having this much problem then you need to call Dell to have it replace.

  • I have tried to call Dell here in Sweden and they sent me to the email support in USA. Sad but true is the part that I have sent three mails and got no response. Tried to call but my operator just tells me the number is invalid.. Never Dell again thats for sure!

  • Vilvor:

    I was having the same problem a few nights ago. I used it regularly after Christmas, then I set it aside and allowed it to charge. I looked at the battery usage periodically and realized that the battery was slowly dying as it was charging. I looked at if any apps were heavily consuming the charge, but once I realized the charging light wasn't on, I realized that the battery was draining because it was not being charged. Here is what I did to fix it.

    1: Change the outlet that you have the charger plugged into. Sometimes it could be as simple as that.

    2: Unplug the charger, and take out the USB cable. Examine the end of the USB cable for any irregularities. And since I come from the Nintendo age, blow into the charger, blow into the USB cable, and reconnect the two, then plug the charging device back in.

    3: Unplug the USB cable from the streak. Examine the end of the USB cable for any irregularities, blow into the cable, blow into the charging port, and plug them back in.

    Now, I want to emphasize step three, because that was where I found MY problem. If you look in the manual, you'll see that Dell advises you, when you plug the cable into the Streak, to insert the cable straight into the tablet, and to try not to do it at any strange angle. It may sound dumb, but if you try to plug the cable straight into your tablet, you'll see that it's not the easiest thing in the world.

    Now, I'm doing the best I can with the constraints of the keyboard, but let's say that the end of the cable that plugs into the streak looks like this poorly drawn illustration:

    Those two little tabs at the sides are what I want you to look at. When I looked at my cable, the one on the left side was conformed out of place. If you exercise it a bit with your fingertip, it should snap back into its proper place, and charging should begin again like normal.

    If that doesn't work, then I think the problem is probably too technical for the layperson to be able to fix, and you should begin researching your warranty information for a replacement.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you Tim!  Your answer worked for my Dell's problem!!!!

  • I also had another recent incident where my tablet wasn't charging. I had enabled USB debugging on my tablet (under the applications tab in settings), and for whatever reason, even after I restarted it, it still wouldn't accept a charge. I was in a rush to get out, so I grabbed it and decided that I'd figure it out when I got home. When I got home, I disabled USB debugging and restarted the tablet, then plugged it in. It was receiving a charge at that time. While it was charging, I was also able to re-enable USB debugging and it would still receive a charge like normal. Little things to look out for.


  • Cannot charge my Dell streak 7 either. I tell you what, this is the biggest piece of junk ever! I have had so many problems and issues with this thing...I plugged it in last night before bed- it was charging then. Now when i wake up, the thing has a low battery and wont charge at all. What could have even happened to it during the night? Nothing. Its a piece of <ADMIN NOTE :Profanity removed per TOU policy>. The first couple weeks after I got it, it got a google looping  bug that took me forever to figure out how to stop. Then the next couple weeks, the door to the sd card totally broke on its own. Then the plug fell apart, Now it wont take a charge. PIECE OF <ADMIN NOTE :Profanity removed per TOU policy>!

  • And why wont the usb plug work to charge it when I plug it into my computer??? Because its a Piece of <ADMIN NOTE :Profanity removed per TOU policy>!!!

  • Or because it's not a USB 2.0 powered device... which it's not.

    As for not being able to charge, power cycle it, and be sure to check the actual USB plug on the Streak side. When my Streak was refusing to charge, it was because one of the little hooks on the Streak-end of the cable were bent out of shape. I manipulated that hook back into place, and voila. Charging magic.


  • Thanks Tim for your help, but its not the prongs on the plug.  There isnt anything wrong with them. I dont know what it is. I have called customer service been on the phone with them for an hour, then they say another dept has to handle my issue and will call me back. Very frustrating. But I do appreciate your help. I thought it was the plug myself, and have been trying all morning to find something wrong with it, but there isnt anything that I see. And i have also tried to plug it straight into the the streak. nothing happens.

  • OMG I LOVE YOU Your old gameboy trick saved me thank you sooooo much!!!

  • Just had the same problem with it. Bought my dell streak 7 last sept 2011. It was working fine till yesterday it won't charge and it's now dead. Won't start. I could use my tablet with a usb and with a wall charger now both won't work. The warranty on my tablet started when they shipped it to T-Mobile and I bought it 5 months after so now it expired. I have a year contract with T-mobile still.

  • Yeah, the customer service is a joke. Took me a whole week playing phone tag with them just to tell me that it wasn't covered. FRUSTRATING!!
    I bought a new plug/cord off of ebay for around twenty bucks. NEVER will I ever buy another Dell product again!!! 
    The slot where the memory card goes has been busted since I bought it. It had some google looping bug that kept it from even working that I had to fix on my own. Dell doesn't care about their customers, I was shocked. I have had so many problems with this device it's unreal.