Horizontal colored lines fill the screen


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Horizontal colored lines fill the screen

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I have an XPS 15Z laptop running windows 7 SP1.   It began randomly filling the screen with millions of tiny horizontal colored lines moving randomly and rapidly vertically up and down the screen.  It is possible to vaguely see the screen behind these tiny lines.  I can sometimes stop it by using ctrl-alt-del and starting the task manager, other times not.  The lines go from the far left of the screen to approximately 3 inches from the right side, where a different set of lines does the same thing, but so close together nothing can be seen behind them.

The only thing that might have occurred around the time this began to happen was the loading of Intel drivers Win64_15313 & Win64_152818.  I don't know if I can remove these to see if that fixes the problem.  I have not been able to find a way to roll back to the old driver.  Any ideas?

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  • Attach an external monitor - if you see the same thing, your video chip has failed.  If you don't,you have a problem with your display panel or the LVDS (video) cable.

  • Tried a USB monitor, since it was the only thing I had available, and it immediately corrected both monitors, then shut down my system.  I am noticing there may be a correlation with USB devices and/or running on battery power.  Strange, I would think, if it were a hardware problem that the startup screens are always fine, but the main screen frequently is not.  Thank you for any help.

  • It still sounds like a video chip issue - though if there is a USB problem as well, it will be solved by fixing the GPU, which will require a replacement mainboard (the GPU is part of the mainboard).

    What is USB monitor?  Monitors use displayport, HDMI, VGA, etc., -- not USB - connectors?

  • I only had a VGA monitor, but no port on the laptop for VGA.  So I went to Best Buy and found an adapter to connect USB to VGA.  The computer didn't like it much, as I said, it always crashed about 5 seconds after attachment.  But it did clear my screen from those lines for 5 seconds!

    Would a video chip issue or a GPU issue be random?  I go for hours with no issues, then the problem arises and I can't seem to get rid of it no matter how many restarts I go through.

  • GPU overheating is the issue.

    LCD Damage Lines do not come and go.

    The pattern across the entire screen also points to gpu damage or video ram damage.

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  • Would GPU damage or video RAM damage disappear in safe mode?  When this occurs, frequently when editing photos in photoshop etc, I can reboot in safe mode and have no issue doing similar tasks in a similar environment.  Then when I return to normal mode, it immediately returns.  Thanks so much for the replies.

  • Yes, indeed -- safe mode disables most of the advanced features of the GPU -- the ones most likely to show artifacts when the chip is in the process of failing.