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Dell Inspiron 15R 3537

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I bought this model, my first dell, and i'm trying to update the drivers.

Whenever i try to update the intel graphics card driver provided by dell's support page, everytime i get an error message stating that the video driver i'm trying to install isn't supported (the same error if we try to update the driver directly from intel's site). - it states thet i have to get the correct driver in the manufacturer.

How can this happen if is the very one driver dell provides? (i tried to install the previuous dell's intel video driver and i was abble to install it without problems (but the video performance became worse...)

Another question:

Is it normal regular Gpu-z doesn't work in this model? i searched on-line and i found a build that works but the data provided about radeon hd 8850M almost everytime is different or simply wrong (states the wrong memory quantity, sometimes it says that is a 320 bits video card e some erros like that).

What can i do for gpu-z to work correctly?

I'll apreciate the help.

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