Dell Inspiron 15r Catalyst Control Centre Problems


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Dell Inspiron 15r Catalyst Control Centre Problems

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Hi, I purchased a Dell Inspiron 15r laptop in 2012 towards Christmas. I have AMD Radeon HD 7730M graphics card that came with it and windows 8. And ever since I started to change the Catalyst Control Centre settings for my games to run faster it does not work any more. When I try and open Catalyst Control Centre it comes up with a message saying; Catalyst Control Centre: host has stopped working. I got into contact with AMD and they gave me instructions as followed; 1. Start computer 2. Uninstall ATI or AMD Catalyst install manager software from add or remove programs/ programs and features (if possible) 3. Run Windows in its regular mode 4. Try using a driver cleaner program to make sure the drivers are removed: a. Driver Cleaner Professional ( select ati ccc as the cleaning selection then click add and start) Then they said download and install this driver from dell: I installed it and it worked until I tried adjusting settings for my games again in catalyst control centre. Please help me out I really don't know hat to do anymore. And please don't Tell me to stop opening catalyst control centre cause I have to in order to get games to run smoothly, it's the reason I bought this laptop to play games
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