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Inspiron 15r 5521 graphic card

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I have bought an Inpsiron 15r 5521, and i ordered the AMD Radeon Graphics card.  The thing is that the laptop Dell sent does not have the graphics card, but only the Intel HD Graphics 4000 adapter.  I spoke with the support techs but they told me they were having problems with availability of the AMD Radeon Graphics card or something like that, and the only thing they can do is give the money back if I choose to.  I need a separated graphics card for the usage I intend for the laptop, so I was wondering if there is a way I can separately install any compatible graphics card, is it possible?  

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  • No, it's not.  The AMD chip  isn't a separate card - it's a dedicated graphics chip soldered to the mainboard.  There's no way to add a video card to this system.

  • is there any way the ati or nividia video card can be sold separately, one of my friends is a tech and does bga soldering often. If not, i'm assuming we would have to wait until spare parts for 3521 and 5521 start showing up on the net. Same issue with processor, I was a little ticked at intel for using bga for processors also :(

  • You can't add the GPU to the board you have - you would need to change the mainboard completely to one that has the AMD GPU on it.

    As for soldered CPUs, Intel is rapidly phasing out socketed mobile CPUs and desktop processors will be next - that is, just about everything on the roadmap from now on, is hard-soldered and not upgradeable.  It isn't clear what Intel's plans for the high end of the market are - but it's clear that everything from budget to mid-range will  no longer be upgradeable.

  • If you ask me, laptops I understand, it takes the thickness out of it, but desktops?!?! they would voluntarily hang themselves. if intel chooses to go that route, AMD will pick up some serious momentum over them. I mean look at all the aftermarket board companies out there, ohh well they're loss. I do have a solution for my 3521, there is enough clearance to add a socket for a pga, already ordered the foxconn rpga988b, will let you guys know how it goes.

  • Good luck with that - the board has 1023 contacts for the CPU (it's a BGA1023 CPU).  Unless you're planning on building your own mainboard, there's no way you're going to fit a 923 pin socket to a board with a hundred more contact points for the processor.

  • Thanks Man :)