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Inspiron 9300 Screen White Vertical Line

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Hi all,

I have an Inspiron 9300 w/17-inch screen that I've had for a number of years now. A few nights ago I left the laptop on and went to bed too tired to close out of everything. I have the screensaver set to come on in around 3-5min, so I've never been concerned about that.

The following morning when I went back to the laptop to work and rolled my finger over the touch-area to clear the screensaver, there was a very thin vertical white line that appeared from the top of the screen down to the very bottom - even through the taskbar. It's very thin, but there - just off-center to the right.

At first, I thought it just might be a leftover "memory" from something that was on the screen overnight, but I've restarted the computer, unplugged and restarted, cleared and cleaned everything conceivable out, run the defrag - literally, everything I can think of to do, but the vertical line remains.

Anyone that has a clue as to what has happened and how I can fix this would be greatly appreciated. The computer still works, and I can change and do everything I could before on the screen, it's just that the line never goes away! I don't think it's the video card because everything else is running and visible including video and flash graphics. Really bizarre!

Appreciate your time and advice!


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  • Attach an external monitor.  If the line shows, the video card is bad.  If it doesn't, the screen is bad - it'll need to be replaced.

  • Holy cow! For what repairs cost these days is it even worth it either way? I see laptops today that cost 1/6 what I paid for this beast back when and they're 5x what's in mine. I don't know what the cost is for a video card or screen, but I see most places here in South Florida charging $70-80 an hour with a two hour minimum!

    This sounds like it's gonna be owwie-ville!

  • It's likely the screen - which, if you replace it yourself, should cost under $100 or so.  If you have to pay for labor, I'd agree - it's not worth repairing a system this old.