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I have an Inspiron 1545 which needs a new screen. I have tried everything to get an accurate part # for a replacement screen and am still not sure i have the correct number.

I originally tried to get it via my service tag, but couldnt find any  part number for the screen called dell and talked to a sales rep to get the part number and price a dell replacement screen. She gave me the number T626M and a price of $149.99.  I didnt know if i wanted to spend that much to replace a screen on a laptop this old  so i started surfing the net for a cheaper price.When i did i learned that T626M is not the part # of the screen, but for the whole laptop! Im sure the Dell rep knew that but simply didnt want to give me the screen part # so i would hopefully buy it from dell. If i had even thought about buying it from dell that thought immediately wenat away!!

So  i finjally took the screen out of the laptop to get the whole accurate part # and now i still dont know if i have it so that when i buy a replacement screen i will buy the correct one. My part # is LP156WH1....BRAND IS LG...15.6 size..HD

The reason i wonder if i have the whole correct part # is because i have found a lot of screens with LP156WH2, but not LP156WH1 PART #S.

Vendor sites ask about CCFL AND LED ...apparently this particular laptop uses both types...i dont know what those are or how to determine which i have.

I know dell has to have a list of every part that went into this laptop somewhere but apparently not where a customer can get at it. 

Any help on any of this will be really appreciated.  Dell is now on my do not buy from list after buying dells for 15 years. 

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  • That is a CCFL screen.

  • This may be a bit out of date for you, but I am now finalizing my screen replacement.  I too have a 1545.  The matter of screen replacement is not difficult, however, you need to be careful when it comes to "Tearing" into the job.  In order

    to determine what screen you have, literally, you will want to visually inspect the part number on the back.  Take the

    time to go to Youtube and watch a couple of 5 minute videos, you will see how simple the task is.  I have the LP156WH1-TLC1 screen in my model PP41L, model number on bottom of laptop.  This is a CCFL, short for the type

    of backlighting used to provide light for the "LED" pixels.  There are two industry backlighting types, CCFL and LED.

    The older technology CCFL stands for "Cold Cathode Flourescent Light" and the LED stands for "Light Emitting Diode".

    There are plenty of screens for both types for sale, the CCFL screens are a bit more expensive because they are not being produced.  The technical community favors the LED flavor, more efficient use of power and supposedly give a

    light product.

        Now are you thoroughly confused?  Don't be.  Dell makes a retrofit kit that consists of a cable and screen that will ship to you for $150.  This is the LED replacement screen and cable for the 1545 model.  I do not have the kit # in front of me now, I did place it in another post.  You can call Dell and they can give you the part number, if they want to.  I was

    not impressed with the guy I had in technical support, I think I made him do some work he didn't want to do.  I was a no sale also.  I went to Ebay and had the cable shipped to my house for $7.00 and bought a new screen shipped to the house for $55.  My screen is not what I ordered, but I think it will work.  I say this because I have researched the screen with a website that lets you compare the specifications for some 28,000 screens.  Believe me, there are a lot of people making these screens.  Go to "" and play around with the search tools there and you will get overwhelmed with information.  Might take you a while to figure out what you want, but you can type in the screen number you have and you will see the specs on your entry.  I think I am right in telling you that the biggest thing you will need to verify is that you will have a 30 pin connector on the CCFL screen and a 40 pin connector on the LED screen.

    That is the primary difference in the two systems, also note that the LED screen will not have the small red and white

    wires that the CCFL screens have.  The LED screen will not use the small power inverter board located at the bottom of the screen either, the board is where the two small wires plug in.

       Keeping it simple, if you want to keep like parts, you will want to buy a CCFL screen.  You will find that the LG Phillips

    folks along with a dozen or more others offer replacement screens.  You can go to Ebay and find literally hundreds of people willing to sell you a screen.  If you have the money, your local computer repair shop will remove and replace your screen for $200.  I am an old electronic mechanic who likes to tinker, so I justify my actions and see me putting $130

    in my pocket by doing the work myself.  There is a lot of information out there, but you know, it is not organized in a way where we "Lay Persons" can get at it and know we are doing it right.  Sorry for this long rant, but I like to write early

    in the morning, don't know when to stop.  Good luck with your decision and do check the website I told you about.  Success in this effort means comparing specifications and buying the screen that matches yours, pay special attention to the interface and lighting specs as you troll through the screen listings.