DELL XPS dual graphic card problem


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DELL XPS dual graphic card problem

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I just bought XPS 15 (L501x) laptop with i5-460M and GeForce GT 420M 1GB and a problem rose. There are two working graphic cards in the computer (Intel(R) HD Graphics and GF). I don't mind for both of them to be there as long as I can use GF as my primary card. Unfortunately, laptop display is running on Intel(R) HD Graphics) and some games just won't run with GF. I set everything correctly (GF as default card, etc.) with NVIDIA settings. However, I bought GTA IV game and it runs on Intel, rather than on GF despite all the settings.

So my questions are the following: 1. Can I completely disable Intel graphic card and use ONLY GeForce? 2. If not, how can I change the graphic card settings so that laptop display would run on GeForce? Thank you for your answers.


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  • Just right click with the mouse button on the icon of the game and choose Run with perfomance graphics card (nvidia) not the integrated graphics (global configuration) You can configure all about that in the nvidia control panel.

  • Yeah, it's crazy to assume I have not tried that. And it's not working. The games runs on Intel whatsoever. The configurations in NVIDIA Control Panel is set to that it suppose to be, but yep, the problem exists. That is why my questions does not ask how to run the game, but how to either disable the card, or switch laptop display default card.

  • I have the exact same issue.

  • my dell inspiron n5010 hv 1696mb of high defination card but still games dont run with their full grafic:( tell me i istall prototype it runs but not good i install sniper ghost warior it also runs but didint with full grafic:( did inspiron n5010 have 3d card?

  • Bump for this problem. I have this exact same issue. However, every game is different.

    These are the following games that do NOT work for me (although they will work without fullscreen):

    Terraria, Dark Souls, Magika

    However, these are some games that DO work, fullscreen or not:

    Bioshock, Bioshock II, Crysis II, World of Warcraft, Dungeons of Dredmor

    It seems to me that it's an indie (or rather low end PC port) versus high end games issue (although the dungeons of dredmore is a curious one). Somehow when the game is run it doesn't see that there's a second video card, and it fails to open.

    And while this isn't exactly the venue for this sort of question I just don't understand the reasoning for having an integrated graphics card and an external one. They're not being run on an SLI (at least as far as I can tell), so each application just chooses which graphics card to use. So unless you plan on running photoshop with solidworks rendering and your AAA game all at the same time I just don't see the benefit.