Inspiron 7000 (7537) issues after Windows 8.1 update


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Inspiron 7000 (7537) issues after Windows 8.1 update

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I got my laptop updated to 8.1 and i found 2 issues so far:

1- my monitor tuns off after 30 minutes when plugged in, but doesn't turn back on. Happened twice and had to force shut down. (laptop wasn't on sleep)

2- keyboard and touchpad "Failed to start" after windows startup, so i entered the password using on-screen keyboard and restarted windows.

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UPDATE!!     24-11-2013

seems that Intel finally solved the issue, released driver 3345.

go to Intel's system detect site and make it detect your system for updates:

this update has numerous fixes and the most important is: Resolved black screen occurring when resuming from an automatic monitor off scenario.

link to fixes:

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  • I have been having a very similar problem with a Precision M2400.  Will the Intel chipset update fix that as well?   The failure mode with an external monitor is the same.  Today I upgraded my Video driver to Driver version 332.21

    This version and my previous version (331.82) work fine with external monitors.  However as soon as I open up the laptop and switch to the standard laptop screen I will get a BSOD within minutes no matter what application I am running.  I also have updated the Bios to Version 
    I  am even running multiple monitors and it operates fine as a desktop PC...unfortunately it will not operate in laptop mode.  Once it goes into BSOD mode it becomes a continual reboot to-do loop.  
    For others in this nightmare...I also found I had to disable sleep mode.  On the control pannel settings I have set sleep to never.  I just need to remember to hit the sleep button on my keyboard.  Going into sleep mode was causing a BSOD in desktop operation on version 331.82.  I have not tried turning sleep back on yet.  
  • I have the resolution issue big time. It drives me crazy because I have it for google chrome as well. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. And I have the latest drivers

  • Chris1729

    I also found that installing the older version of the Intel HD Graphics 4000/5000 Driver (version from Dell's website on my Inspiron 7737 with Windows 8.1 & BIOS A04 seems to resolve the problem with the laptop becoming unresponsive when the display turns off.

    However, I have found that this introduces a new fault; my laptop does not sleep when it should do according to the "Put the computer to sleep" setting in the power plan (with the display off I can tell the laptop's not sleeping because the keyboard light remains on and there is ongoing disk activity).

    Yep, I got the same problems. When laptop goes to sleep, screen does not wake up but processor does. Also, the computer doesn't go to sleep when it SHOULD. I put 5 mins and 10 mins later it still isnt asleep!

  • So I have fixed both my issues. I turned off the intel rapid start, as windows 8 has their own quick sleep mode. Also, as for the resolution looking like garbage on some apps you need to go into the properties of the app itself and turn off "High resolution DPI scaling" and it will look great again.

  • I found a fix for this monitor wakeup problem! please read on. I bought this Inspiron 15 7000 7537 with Full HD, 16GB Ram, 1TB Hybrid Drive... This system also has the monitor wake up issues, where if I left the system went into sleep mode, and after pressed the power button to wake up the system, it will wake up but the monitor was stay black. I have tried to download latest Chipset drivers, video driver... as suggested, but the problem was still there. What I did to fix the problem was instead of using Dell Power Management, I switched to Windows power management and problem is now gone. No more monitor wake up issues. Try it and let us all know please? Can't believe that Dell stay quite on this issue! Chris Nguyen
  • Could someone be kind enough to explain how to do this?

    Also, how do I disable Rapid Start?

  • Was able to resolve the issue... by Refreshing windows. now i'm back to windows 8 and everything is GOOD.

    Windows 8.1 is just a big fat bad idea. a trap.

    Anyway, "My Dell" didn't work before I refreshed... it did after I refreshed, and it asked to update,,, when I updated it it no longer worked and started giving me the ("My Dell' has stopped working) error again. And I couldn't find the download link for the older version,,, Don't feel like refreshing again. I should Start a new thread for it.

    But YEAH. refresh Windows to go back from 8.1 to 8, and all will be fixed.

  • I wouldn't recommend staying on windows 8 as windows 8.1 has many critical bug fixes and is generally faster and more developed. Also, with a new windows update coming soon you'll have to update to 8.1 anyways.

  • Also, to fix those issues:

    Intel rapid start may be found by searching for it using the win + Q button and typing "intel rapid......" it will come up. Just select it and then it allows you to turn it off in the menu of that application.

    As for the applications that look "fuzzy" what you need to do is find the application in the programs folder of your system. To do that go to Windows Explorer, select OS C: as the folder to look in, and then go to the program files subfolder. Once you find the desired application (.exe file) select it and right click and view the properties of it click on the compatibility tab and select "disable high dpi scaling". Then close it and reopen the program and it should look good again.

    Disclaimer: I don't work for Dell, but I am a computer engineer, and this is completely fine for your system

  • My system: Inspirion 15 7000 (7537) 16gb ram, 1tb hybrid drive, nvidia 2gb 750m graphics. received mid March 2014 with win 8.1.

    ChrisNG9 fix seemed to work at first. Closing the lid over night the problem happened again. I feel the issue may be 2 graphics drivers being installed (intel and nvidia), I decided to disable the intel graphics driver in "Control Panel > Device Manager > Display adapter" right click and disable the Intel card. Only do this if you have the discrete graphics card installed. So far this is working for me. Hope this helps.

  • CORRECTION: received laptop mid March 2014