Using USB to transfer files and backup?


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Using USB to transfer files and backup?

  • Is there a way to use the USB port on two different computers to transfer files between them? Is there some software that can use the USB port to do this?

  • I use'd USB-USB Network Bridge from Profilic for this purpose. Works fine under W98 but have'nt been able to use it under W2k yet.
  • laplink now support for usb transfer.
    U'll need to get an USB laplink cable for around $70.
  • Well my 2.5 yr old Celeron recognizes a Dig Camera as a drive when connected to the computer.  If one has a 256Meg card, EZ enough to drop and drag into to the card in the camera or card reader which is USB connected.  Then Xfer similarly to other machine.  Win 95 I dont think will do it, at least 98 or 2000 version needed? This is for Xfer not for backup.


  • Did U READ my post?  It says your Compact Flash or other leeeedle card will show up on your 'my computer' window when you connnect the camera or your card reader to a USB port.  Then if its empty you simply drop and drag any files to it.  Pull that card out when full, move it to the other machine to the inverse.
    You will simply copy or move the files from the Compact Flash to the other machine.