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No Boot Device Found.

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Well hello everyone, 

This is my first post so I do apologize in advance if i'm posting my problem under the wrong section. I have a 2013 alienware laptop M14 and every time I turn my laptop on it shows the alienware symbol and says, "no boot device found. press any key to reboot the machine." Then I proceed to push any button and it just reloads the same page over and over again saying no boot device found. Really not sure what to do, any advice would be much appreciated. 

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  • Hiya JamJams08,

         No Boot Device Found you say? ...I'm not the authority on Alienware proper but I have a very thorough strength in Laptop hardware. I'd like some information about what you have tried up till this point so I have a good idea how to help you. In between then and now, Power on. eject whatever might be in the CD/DVD/BD tray. Power off. disconnect all external devices like usb cams mics keyboards flash drives...everything...just the computer with nothing attached that it didn't come with out of the box including the AC Adapter. Lay down a towel on the table and turn your AW over onto it and remove the battery. Turn it back over, open it and depress and hold the power button for 1 missississippi 2 get the idea...all the way to 30 and let go. Shut your AW, turn over, replace battery, pluggin, restart. Did this help?

    PS: Don't forget to remove the towel from underneath your AW. It will restrict airflow to the machine.

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  • Also run the Dell F12 preboot diagnostics. This can be due to a failed hard drive and the diagnostics will flag this up. See my Windows Reinstallation Guide page 290 running the F12 preboot diagnostics:


    Philip Yip


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